Thank you Australian Soldiers/ Sandra Kaltoum

The 2013 Australia Day advertisement, airing on television at the moment, captures the essence of what it means to be Australian. It mentions all the typical Australian activities (barbeques, long days at the beach, and more flags than you can poke a flagpole at and the list goes on) and closes with “the best part about being Australian is that tomorrow we get to do it all again”. The advertisement reinforces how privileged we are as an Australian nation. It reflects on the bountiful opportunities we are afforded in Australia. These opportunities would not be possible without freedom. And freedom would not be possible without the efforts of Australian soldiers.
This Australia Day it is important to reflect on the efforts and service of the Australian soldiers, many of whom risk their lives to preserve the Australian way of life, and thank them for their commitment to international freedom. Australian soldiers will not have the opportunities to “do it all again” until they are safely home. Members of the Australian Army, past and present, have fought for the freedom we currently enjoy. It is through their suffering and separation that we enjoy the freedom that makes Australia the most privileged nation on Earth. So, this Australia day, let us remember that we celebrate, while others are away from home fighting in our names. Happy Australia Day to all, particularly to our Australian soldiers.



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