Lebanon Carnival, 14 Oct 2012 at Darling Harbour/ Raymond Arraj

“The Cedar” –“Lebanon”:
Two words that we all cherish and strive to uphold and protect for what they represent.....
Today I had the pleasure of attending a most enjoyable day at Darling harbour.
A day where the name of Lebanon was placed on a pedestal, thanks to the Folkloric Group which carries its name.
I had the impression that I was going to see there all or at least many of the Community Leaders whom I thought would attend to see the Lebanese Flag flying and to support a Lebanese group honouring the name of Lebanon. 
For obvious reasons I will keep my opinion to myself....
May we all rest in peace..
Congratulations Elie on a very successful Carnival and Thank you for positively promoting the name of Lebanon.
Sincerely and God Bless



  1. Dear Elie

    Gibran Khalil Gibran once said (lakomm Lubnanakom wa lee loubnany)

    it was very sad not to see the Lebanese Consular or any Representative from the Lebanese embassy

    how about the A.L.A THE Australian Lebanese Association

    How about the Australian Lebanese chamber of Commerce

    this three is the most important to b there no matter what

    the rest who care

    they only go where is war ,fight ,money,show off,food ,drink,8 or 14 ,orange or blue,any any other flag except the Lebanese flag.

    they all talk about Lebanon but when time come we never see them at all cause all work for their own village own gato and own territory

    we spoke to Suzanne horany at the end of the Carnival.

    Lucky i know you for the Last 35 Years ,I never saw you carrying any other flag then the Lebanese and the Australian.But the other the have all the other flags except the Lebanese

    you should b proud of your self all ways

    Remember one thing your hand are clean, their hand coverd in white(ass7ab al ayady baydaa)

    lucky they didn't come


    your old friend

    Jamil Baba

  2. Hello Elie
    What a beautiful day it turned out with the sunny weather and perfect conditions. It was great to see all the different performances that occurred and always found something interesting in each of the performances whether it was singing, dancing or other. At one point we sat next to a Canadian couple and explained to them the vast size of the Lebanese community in Australia and they were amazed of the interest within the community to show off their talents. It was well organized with constant flow of great entertainment and a real eye opener for a vast amount of people just going for a stroll throughout Darling Harbour.

    The heart of Sydney paid tribute to an array of Lebanese culture and entertainment and I think that day put a little piece of Lebanon in everyone’s mind and imagination.

    Perhaps you should be the spokesperson in Australia for Lebanese tourism…similar to what Paul Hogan was for Australia to the rest of the world…

    Kind Regards
    Tony Grant

  3. Hello and Good Morning Elie,

    Congratulations of a Wonderful Carnivale so beautifully organised upholding the status of Lebanon on Sydney Harbour.

    Terezkas dancers from Studio Danse Orientale, featuring Nancy Yousef were so honoured to be a part of this incredible event & wish to thank you warmly. I wouldn't have missed being there for anything and caught the 6am flight from Cairns where I was teaching to be there.

    Thank you Thank you Elie for a wonderfully successful Carnivale 2012.

    Leila (Terezka) :))
    Terezka Drnzik

  4. Good morning Elie...
    I am so happy to see these wonderful comments rolling in about the carnival.
    You deserve them Elie.

    God bless you... You are an amazing person. You have great talent, a great heart, very intelligent..... And the list continues.

    Seeing all these comments about you makes me extremely proud. You are a great success Elie.