Criminals Like Habib Chartouni are not Heroes, No Way/ Elias Bejjani

Yes, and 100 time yes, President elect, Bachir Jmayel is a great Lebanese martyr, an exceptional and suburb Leader. His killer Habib Chartouni is a horrible and notorious criminal by all means and according to each and every human and Godly criteria.
This hideous criminal who was released from jail by the invading Syrian army in 1990 must be put on trial and pay for his crime.
Thirty years after Bachir's departure, he is still alive with his great Lebanese dream of freedom, sovereignty and independence that he envisaged and still shares vividly with the majority of the Lebanese from all walks of life and from all sects.
The Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), which is a Nazi replicate, pro Syrian and Iranian armed militia has planned, mastered and executed the assassination of Martyr Bachir in September 14/1982, through one of its members, Habib Chartouni
This killer has been a fugitive and living in Assad's Syria since his escape from a Lebanese Jail in 1990.
With a staunching and great boldness and with no shame the SSNP is trying to bring Chartouni back to Lebanon, drop all judicial charges against him and decorate him with the hero title.
It is worth mentioning that the SSNP was involved in attempted coup d'etats in 1949 and 1961, does not recognize the State of Lebanon, nor its constitution and has an extensive criminal record in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.
We call on each and every free and patriotic Lebanese to say no to the SSNP and to insist via all peaceful available means that the criminal Chartouni must be arrested and put on trial.



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