Islamic Egyptian Society rejected the Egyptian Australian Union

Dear Egyptian Friends

A new organisation has been formed recently and called itself the Egyptian Australian Union. We don’t object on any one or group to form organisation and serve the community, however we don’t accept organisations or groups claiming that they represent our society without our permission and/or agreement.

This organisation claimed in its launch invitation letter that it is “The first Egyptian community that put all the Egyptians under one umbrella and the only sound [voice] for all Egyptians in Australia”

The Islamic Egyptian Society of NSW rejects this claim and want everyone to know that this organisation represents itself only and its members and does not represent all Egyptians and it is NOT an Umbrella organisations to all Egyptians.

As they have sent this invitation to some official offices, we will inform all our contact in local, state, and federal governments with this misleading and true statement from this organisation.

I am sure many of you will agree with me, however this is just for your information.

Our society is part of the Egyptian community at large and has good relationship with all Egyptian organisations since its formation in 1975.

Part of the invitation attached.
Best regards

Mohammed Helal

On behalf of the Islamic Egyptian Society.



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