The members of The Australian Egyptian Forum Council in Sydney, Australia deplore, and express their objection to, the current presidential campaigns of some of the presidential candidates and the current political environment in Egypt. They strongly oppose any presidential candidate who calls upon the people of Egypt to vote for him in the name of religion and who claims that “if anyone who does not do so will not go to heaven”.

The Australian Egyptian Forum Council calls upon the current Egyptian Military Council, the current Egyptian Parliament (Majlis al-Sha’b and Majlis al-Shurah) to forbid such practice and to police all voting places in order to stop Candidates and their supporters from influencing and manipulating people’s votes.

The Australian Egyptian Forum Council also requets the Egyptian Military Council to appoint female supervisors to supervise and positively identify women who are wearing BOURKA when entering the polling places to cast their votes unless they agree to remove the covers off their faces so they can be easily identified by the polling places inspectors or judges.

The Australian Egyptian Forum Council is a non political group which cares about the future of Egypt and which would like to see Egypt once more occupying a leading role in the Middle East as was the case before.

God bless Egypt and the people of Egypt.
Gayed Adel



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