Teresa Baini 60th Birthday

this is the speech I wrote for my mum!
Melanie Baini

60 years ago a child was born to George and Carmen Yammouni they named her Teresa. Siblings to Tony, Annette and Janette. Who would give her 10 beautiful nieces and nephews!

In July 1976 you married my amazing father in Cyprus, then your family began, first myself, Priscilla and the baby Tyra! The 5 of us built a home with love, faith, caring, giving and laughter!

I am not going to go on for ages, just enough to tell you all what my mum is all about.

do not wash her dishes
always rinse your dirty dishes after using them
do not wash your hands at the sink unless you are cooking
always wash your hands after the use of a bathroom
never ever dunk your biscuits in coffee or tea
never upset her because she gives you the ‘look’ that will make you run
and last but not least never ever say bad words about magic 693

oh and I forgot the love for her sugar soap to shine her kitchen sink.

Mum, you’re loving, caring, giving, understanding, supportive and a super women!

You’re a woman who has taught us 3 girls many things in life, to love one another, to respect each other, give and most importantly faith! You have been a wonderful mum, wife, sister, cousin, aunt and friend. The respect you and dad have in the Lebanese community is exactly what your parents had and that’s something that tate and giddy would be so proud of!

You’re like your parents in every possible way…PERFECT!

Us 3 girls walk with our head held high, we are daughters of Michael & Teresa Baini.

Dad, Priscilla, Tyra and myself would like to thankyou for every little thing and every big thing you have done for us! Thankyou for welcoming Jim & Luke with open arms and making them feel like your own!

You give to everyone before looking after yourself!
Happy 60th Birthday Mum! God Bless You!
Raise your glasses and toast to an amazing wife and mother!



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