Everlasting Peace in the Middle East requires tolerance and acceptance of others/ Elias Bejjani

Unless the Arab countries and Arab people give up on their deeply rooted education of hostility, hatred, terrorism, and rejection of others who belong to different religions, denominations, cultures, ethnicities, and minorities, they will remain living in the stone age era and isolated from the rest of the civilized and free democratic world.

The Arab countries and people are required to immediately start amending their educational curriculums and media regulations to begin peacefully and seriously raising their new generations on a set of principles that respect those different others without persecuting and apartheid mentality as the on going shameful status quo is in Egypt where Coptic Christians are not treated as second class citizens and savagely persecuted.

All actual realities and facts indicates clearly that there will be no revolutions or uprisings that can help the Arab countries to be free, democratic and take their respectable place among other free nations if they do not pursue real change.

If they do not do so they will keep on getting out of one devastating trap and falling into another, toppling one dictator and endorsing another.

Education tolerance, peace and acceptance of others are the kind of revolutions and uprisings that the Arab world and people need urgently.

In order for the Arab world and people to actually and practically move on successfully to the twenty-first centaury and live in peace and harmony among themselves and with their neighbors, especially with Israel, they must first free themselves from the deadly education of hostilities and unequivocally, completely and without any conservations honor, abide by and practice The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).



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