Free Shiite cleric Mohamad Ali El Husseini

The Lebanese Court's decision to acquit Shi'ite cleric Mohamad Ali El Husseini - leader of the Arab-Islamic council in Lebanon and the Anti-Hezbollah and anti-Iranian policy in the region - from charges of collaboration with Israel was not enough to release him. This prompted the Council to launch an extensive campaign to pressure on authorities to release him. The Arab Islamic Council has launched an extensive campaign to ask Lebanese authorities for implementation on military court verdict to release Mohamad Ali el Husseini. Who was acquitted of charges collaboration with Israel. *

*The council said in a press statement that it has launched political, human rights, humanitarian and popular campaign to ask the Lebanese Republic for the implementation on military court verdict to release A l- Husseini Immediately. The council has called all interested and solidarity from any Arab or foreign countries to send denounce for the continued detention of al-Husseini, and that for demand to release him, by sending denounce letter to Embassy of the Republic of Lebanon. *

*The loyalty of Arab Shiites*

*Husseini was opposed the Iranian policies in the region and accuses Iran of seeking to impose its hegemony on the Arab Shiites to serve its national interests in the Arab world. He has always emphasized that the loyalty of Arab Shiites to their countries is stronger than any other loyalty. He also repeatedly called to support the Arab Shiites in Al-Ahwaz, accusing the Iranian authorities to exercise policy of "Altafras" and obliterate the Arab identity against them - despite the joint doctrine-. He emphasized the need of brotherhood between Shiites and Sunnis, and mutual respect for all Religious figures for both sides. *

*The accusations against Husseini was fabricated, injustice and aggression. And he is innocent from it. The Council said. *

*"Lebanese military court on Wednesday, 08.10.2011 Decided to prevent trial and release Mr. Husseini, and that because the court did not find any crime against him. But After this decision Mr. Husseini still in political prison and that to undermine his resolve and prevent him from saying his political views. His enemies thought that when they keep him in prison will help to prevent from telling the truth, prevent democracy and silencing of Freedom". According to council press statement.*
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