The conceit of a lover/ Mimi Ahmed Adry

Translated By Munir Mezyed

Why the blame…?
Blame not your beloved as time will govern the way to love you
You came to her as a lover thus she refused to fall between your hands
You will never be one day a king by being conceit to your love
Would you want to her to be a belle or a lover to love you?
Do you know…. among women there are women who adore the virginity of Love
And reject a path chosen by your love way
You governed your conceit by an ego that doesn’t know how to love you
She will never fall between your hands
Do you love her…?
Embrace her love
And fill your night with her love
And teach her how to love you
Bear your own anguish
Do not you know that the splendor of love is in the whine
And its scented odor is lovers’ agony
Do not you know that your love is whining due to the long yearning
Love will not let her fall because of the length of years
Leave out the blame and shelter in her love
And hope for a glimpse from her eyes
Leave out the blame and hope to meet her
Obey your heart and hope for love that satisfies her love
Let your heart be free and recite to her beautiful poems
Make her love be a letter in your verses
Make it your pen
And you notebook
Adorn your love by the words of your verses
Draw for her a sparrow chirping your love
Draw for her a tree where she shades
Thus she embraces you
Enclose her heart with the fence of your heart fire



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