REMEMBER THE ANZAC On Gallipolis’s Centenary1915 – 2015/ Marcelle Mansour

As I was unable to participate in the dawn service ... I thought to live the experience in creating my artwork last night where I felt the soul just flying like clouds and doves from the centre of the helmet I kept.
On Gallipolis’s centenary I commemorate the Anzacs.  I remember all Australians who served and died in all wars, In particular the late Mr Iverson.  I have kept his army helmet that I found under the ground of my house in the past. This helmet is from one hundred years ago, since the Gallipoli battle of World War 1. I honour all WW1 Veterans, specially the names of those I met during my twelve years work in Concord Repatriation General Hospital for it was the main hospital for all Veterans that specialised in burns. I met Mr & Mrs Iverson only once in my life during the inspection of their house that was for sale. Nevertheless I was following up the development of Mr Iverson’s health condition to give his news to all my neighbours of widow Veterans who used to ask about him.  All these neighbours passed away. Young generations have become the inhabitants of the area...but the memories are still dwelling in the core of my being, for their souls are immortal and are still living in the eternal world.
This helmet has inspired me to use it in my light artwork to pay homage to brave soldiers, to honour Mr Iverson in particular and the memory of the fallen in general.  
This World War I’s helmet for me is: The Anzac spirit, where the souls of all these servicemen are immortal. May their souls rest in peace.
In this occasion I am thinking of all soldiers who are currently participating in wars around the warold...and I wish to end wars and to make peace prevail the world. I also pay tribute for all Australians who show respect to the Australian national identity for I am a Palestinian migrant who proudly become an Australian citizen by my own choice. I love Australia and feel grateful to this great country and pray for God to protect it always and forever.

Marcelle Mansour
25th April 2015



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