Marcelle Mansour’s Artist Talk received the UPF’s Ambassador for Peace Award

The Power of Art in Promoting Peace 
Marcelle Mansour’s Artist Talk received the
UPF’s Ambassador for Peace Award

By Marcelle Mansour

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) hosted my solo art exhibition named “Threshold” on Monday the 6th April 2015 at the UPF Embassy (826 George Street, Sydney.NSW) during their seminar event of the Ambassadors for Peace Meeting, to promote the world peace through my art of light and perception as a part of the 2015 UNESCO International Year of Light program. I was invited as a guest speaker to display my artworks and to present an Artist’s Talk titled “Art, Light and World Peace.” The Seminar was professionally organised by Mrs Catrine Van Dinklage, UPF Events Coordinator. Mrs Aila Willitts, the Women’s Federation for World Peace Australia performed the role of a fantastic MC who is very skilled at providing a genuinely unique atmosphere. The event was attended by a large number of UPF’s Ambassadors for Peace in Australia from various ethnic backgrounds with their families and friends including the Australian Iraqi, Mr Hormiz Eshoo and Dr Alaa Alawadi together with his wife Mrs Nadia Alawadi and his son Mr Sultan Alawadi, 

Mr Greg Stone first delivered a significant screen presentation titled “Creating a culture of Peace through Art”, explaining about the role and the power of art in promoting peace, which can be summed up as follows: The mission of UPF is dedicated to building a world of peace through the five principles of God, spirituality, family, service and unity, for peace comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of authenticity, religion and nationality. In regards to the absolute values and the reassessment of the contemporary world, we notice that the natural and social order are suffering of violence and injury that lead to growing cause for despair. Mr Stone talked about the unification thought of theory of art that seeks to view art in acceptance with the fundamental principles of God. God is a great Artist and the universe is His work of art for there is a resemblance between the images of human beings and God. There is also an essential relationship between art and ethics and true beauty can only be established on the basis of true love. 

This was followed by my artist’s talk, accompanied by my poetry reading of “Spiritual Dialogue with Light” and screen presentation of my artworks. These are some extracts of the text of my speech given at UPF: “Threshold Art Exhibition Threshold Art Exhibition was created to be exhibited over the two years of 2014 & 2015, for it has coincided with the world‘s commemorating the centenary of the First World War, along with UN declaring 2014 as the ‘Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People’. The exhibition is also coinciding and celebrating the 2015 International Year of Light in Australia as a part of the year calendar that is a mix of business, education, art and science to celebrate the importance of light in our life. Threshold Art Exhibition first won the competition to be included in the international art show of ‘Year In Review Two Thousand Thirteen Competition” in York Space, New York City, USA March 2014. It was also exhibited in Bankstown Arts Centre in April 2014, and in Mary MacKillop Museum from 10th December 2014 to 30th March 2015.” 
“Through my art, I present a kind of an intersection between me, my identity, my country cause, the history and the world. In my vision, I visualize the reality of the world. For in fact, works of art do not represent reality, and real world, rather, art creates realities and worlds. That is why art is central to politics and to social relationships, for works of art can transform common perceptions and they can transfigure experiences and take part in our continual remaking of the world.....In this context I hope for politicians to be a little bit creative and spiritual. For, if they were creative and spiritual, they can lead the world in a better way. There is no doubt that politicians and community leaders need spiritual guidance. Spiritual leaders need to redirect and re-educate the new generation regarding to the actual purpose of faith. We really need a kind of deep transformation which will make a radical change to enable us to recreate the world’s reality....Art has the power to encourage peace and to urge people to be anti-war, anti violence, anti -terrorism or barbarism, anti-genocide and anti-oppressing nations...Finally, I hope that my artwork may inspire Individuals, politicians and community leaders; to change, to transform, to cross the threshold of perception through contemplating and reshaping the reality of the world towards recreating universal humanity that working for love and peace.”

Four people from various nationalities were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace and they received the Ambassador for Peace Award including the Public Affairs Director in Sydney, Ms Churlya Wurfel, I - the writer of this journalistic report - (Marcelle Mansour) and Maurice Mansour. It was a delightful surprise to see my husband Maurice is getting an award for his encouragement and his great support for my art career. The seminar event was highlighted by the performance of an interesting music band with the composer/artist Mr Chihiro Midorikawa, the Secretary General of UPF. Light refreshments and drink were served and the ceremony concluded with networking of empowered ambassadors for peace.  

I would like to thank the UPF members who participated in the seminar, in particular the UPF President Mr Greg Stone, the UPF Event Coordinator Ms Catrine Van Dinklage, Women’s Federation for World Peace Australia Mrs Aila Willitts. I would also like to extend my thanks to the volunteers from the UPF Youth Group who gave their time and efforts to help in a positive ways. A massive thank you for the people who attended the event including Mr Bedro Hajje, Photographer and 2ME Radio presenter, and all the UPF Ambassadors for Peace who attended the evening for they all shared an enjoyable inspiring evening together and made the event such a great success.



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