Graduation Ceremony, Sydney College For the Arts, University of Sydney 2014

  Penguin Pride Parade

By Marcelle Mansour
The penguins have marched at the graduation ceremony as Sydney College for the Arts (SCA) honoured the graduates during its commencement ceremony held on Friday May 2, 2014 at the Great Hall, the University of Sydney. The graduation is a celebration of the graduates’ significant achievements in attaining their degrees.  
The organ recital began by the University Organist and Carillonist, Amy Johnson; the academic procession entered the Great Hall and the assembly stood; Processional Trumpet Tune was performed by – Jean-Baptiste Lully and the proceedings were opened by Pro-Chancellor, Mr Alec Brennan A.M.

The graduation ceremony commenced where Pro-Chancellor, Mr Alec Brennan AM welcomed all the graduates and visitors. He acknowledged the campuses of the University of Sydney located on the traditional land of the Australian people with respect to their Custodianship of this land. This Ceremony has been arranged in order to acknowledge those who have fulfilled the conditions required by the status of the university. As Australia’s first university, the University of Sydney is very highly ranked around the world; it has an international reputation as an outstanding teaching institution, as a centre of research of excellence and as an active and engaged community leader. Sydney College for the Arts is leading the research and practice of contemporary art in Australia. Throughout the world fellow graduates are found involved in intellectual and creative leadership including those who voluntarily contribute to the wider community.
Professor Colin Rhodes, the Dean of the Sydney College of the Arts presented the Candidates of Doctorate degree, Masters and Bachelors.  All were admitted to degrees by Pro-Chancellor, Mr Alec Brennan AM
The occasional address was delivered by Belinda Hannahan – Director, Board of Museums and Galleries, who encouraged graduates to reflect on the difference they can make through art, for the art world is an exciting world full of opportunities, She stated: “We don’t work in the arts for money but be assured your contribution can make incredibly impact...working in art is a long life working...perhaps I could make some difference because I believe the art enriches our has the power to fire imaginations, to be the catalyst for discovering the new, to touch people, to shock, to horrify, to sooth and comfort, to give you life or can make you weep and you have the opportunity ahead to be a part of that...It is a wonderful time to be a part of the with technology, internet and smart phones, art is liberated in place and space, it is for everyone and it can be anywhere and at anytime.” Belinda Hannahan who was closely involved in teaching and has an extensive experience in exhibitions and public museums shared the audiences a few tips to help the most of it.
The academic procession retired, the assembly stood: Recessional; was performed by Fantasia in G – Johnson Sebastian Bech and the Carillion recital was played by Honorary Carillonist, Liz Cartwright. The event was concluded and refreshments were served in the Quadrangle.
The Master of Fine arts graduates 2014 are: Majella Elizabeth Barbe, Ella Jean Condon, Matthew Philip Hopkins, Danika Ivanka Josipa Knezevic, Marcelle Mansour, Dianne Ruth McClaughin, Jonathan Charles Westwood Niesche, Mark Russell Pemberton, Penelope Anne Philpott, Adam Philip Sebire, Masoud Sheikhi Shoushtari, Rose Vickers and Brooke Elizabeth Wegstaff. The first one from the right in the photo appears Tianli Zu, graduate of PHD
This graduation ceremony has been one of the most moving and magnificent experiences of my life. This time I really have felt the joy and prestige of the graduation celebration of the University of Sydney, especially it was held at the Great Hall, where the surrounding portraits on the walls of all Chancellors including Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC, CVO (Australian from Arabic Lebanese origin). It brought back my memories two years ago when she conferred the Master of Studio Arts Degree upon SCA graduates including myself at the graduation ceremony held in May 2012. These memories have left a great impact in the core of my being.
The Mace used (appears in photo) is the symbol of the authority of the Senate; it is made of embellished silver with a shaft of polished hardwood. Emblazoned in gold on the head are the Royal Coat of Arms, the arms of the Colony of New South Wales and those of the University of Sydney. The surrounding feature is a Royal Crown below which is the motto Doctrena Paret virtutem (“Let teaching promote virtue”).
This ceremony was a great way of celebrations for graduates, their families and friends to recognize. It has been a very proud moment for all of them who truly deserve the success after all the hard work and efforts. This kind of success is not luck! It's well deserved and will give them an opportunity to extend their wings. Graduating is absolutely a milestone but practice is the biggest learning experience of them all, to prepare for the new challenges of the new chapter of life. It was indeed a joyous celebration of academic achievement! Congratulations to all the graduates with best wishes, and looking forward to hearing about many accomplishments in the years to come. 
Marcelle Mansour



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