Cultural Evening to Commemorate Second Annual of Boutros Indari

By Marcelle Mansour

A splendid evening of rich literary reading and prize winning was celebrated  by the Australian Arabic Cultural Centre, Peter Indari Forum. The event marked the second annual anniversary to commemorate the late Boutros Indari on May 20, 2014 at Kafr Hilda Reception Centre, Lakemba. 

The MC presenter was Mr Michael Risk, the pioneer in promoting trade and cultural links between Australia and Lebanon. Mr George Hasham was the speaker on the occasion of the commemoration of two years on the absence of the late Peter Indari who was renowned for his contribution to the Australian Arabic journalism, and to convey the message of the significance, and the purpose of the event. 

It was indeed a pleasant cultural evening where the three pioneer poets participated: Fouad Neman El-Khoury, George Mansour, and Charbel Baini.  
Both very popular poets George Mansour and Fouad Neeman El-Koury, took part in poetry reading in front of a large number of attendees. Each created and read a poem inspired by and in tribute to the 2nd anniversary of the late Boutros Indari where their verses came overflowing of powerful feelings. Charbel Baini, the poet and author of many books, read short pieces of his creative prose describing some of the funny situations derived from his past friendship with the late Peter Indari. His writings and readings are, I suppose,  autobiographical, funny, have a lot of sense of humour and are direct reports on experience. The reading described, are dense with the humours comments and entertainment words.

The portrait of the late Peter Indari (Abou Ziad), painted by the writer of these words, artist Marcelle Mansour, was displayed in the middle of the stage of the premises celebrating his life (1938-2012) and reminding the audience of his charismatic popular personality.

Various books for local Australian Arabic authors including poets, writers and novelists, were also on display which added more wealth of literary tradition to the event.

Dr Emil Chdiac introduced the young students from various high schools of Sydney and Melbourne who won the literary competition in both languages of Arabic and English. Prizes were bestowed upon six students, and certificate of achievements for four students, by Mr Joseph Rizk, the Managing Director and CEO of Arab Bank who in turn received a trophy as a token of appreciation by Dr Mustapha Alamedin on behalf of the committee members of Indari’s forum. Mr George Hasham also received an award for his long contribution n the field of teaching in Australia.

The event concluded with having light refreshments and networking, with all attendees enjoying the distinctive cultural atmosphere and expressing desire to regularly share this important annual occasion. 

Marcelle Mansour



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