To the soul of my cousin Eva Yammouni

By: Charbel Baini
Translated by: Elie Shaanin

Ever since I was a child
I loved Eva’s voice,
She used to sing for me
A famous lovely song
And her giggling laughs
Made the trees flower
I felt at that time,
Like a bird, I  wanted to fly.
To me, she was a sister,
While I had no sisters
Then on one of those days,
Shrouded with unconsciousness
I shut my eyes and went to sleep
And when I woke up
I shouted: Where’s Eva?
Where’s she who made the days,
That filled my heart with joy?
She has gone away…
To a land beyond the sea
I felt dizzy and dazed
And I began to sob
When during a night of sighs
She farewelled our skies
Years have since gone by
Then I saw Eva the mother
Around her little children,
As beautiful as the flowers
And Jarjoura her loyal spouse
Whom through his patriotic veins
Flows the purest of noble blood
that delights Lebanon’s mount
And Eva, a mountain of compassion
Exuded an overwhelming love
She said: Oh Charbel my cousin!
I was hungry and she fed me
I began to reminisce and remember
That young girl with rosy cheeks
And a sugar-sweet laughter
Still the same, she hasn’t changed
Thus adding an honour and glory
To this hospitable land
To her towns Barsa and Richdebbine
And to the cedars of Lebanon
All walks of life upon this land
Have wept and felt sorry
For our Eva, the mother saint,
Who knelt in the church
Eva, who during the month of lent,
 Prayed God and implored
And the lord answered her prayers
And said: You my daughter
Will forever be by my side.



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