Eternal Roses/A Short Story by Feras Werr

“Happy mother’s day sweetheart,” He stood calmly in his place anticipating her feedback, as she stared back at him with a gracious smile, knitting tools still in her hand.
“Thank You darling.”
As he placed down the beautiful roses their terrific aroma spread all around enchanting the atmosphere abundantly. “I know during last mother’s day you were upset from me because I married her, but mommy believe me I was in love with her.”
            “Don’t you worry son, I have forgiven you, but I just thought that you could have chosen someone more suitable for you. She was GM of a big firm in her late thirties and seemed so independent for a future wife for you.”
            He smiled back and commented, “We have beautiful understanding now. All our differences are over. She is even pregnant and due in two months.”
            The beautiful smile on his mother’s face never left her as she answered, “What are you going to call him or her,”
            “Well if it’s a boy Layth. If it’s a girl Maria.”
            “I hope it’s a boy for your sake, your wife could cross forty and still not bear for you another time.”
            A frown clouded his face a little bit as he replied, “Oh mommy, you still haven’t changed a bit.” Tears dropped from Elias’s eyes. He pulled a tissue from his pocket and wiped the rivers of tears as a drop fell and softly splashed on the green soil underneath his feet. “I promise you that there will be at least three children before we call it quits.”
            “Suit yourself. Are you still leaving in the morning without breakfast…”
            “No mommy I can assure you she is making breakfast for me, I am the only GM that exists in my family, believe me…”
            “Because if she isn’t you have to give her a good talking to on how a woman should respect her husband.”
            He giggled a bit and answered, “Mommy enough of worrying about me, and how about you sweet heart?”
            “I’m really comfortable where I am thank you. It’s so silent though. I rarely get visitors and on some occasions I hear footsteps in the near distances.”           
“I come and see you when I can mother. It’s so busy where I work and sometimes I travel a lot. Your son is now a regional sales supervisor with a handsome salary. My wife pulled a few strings. See, Karen isn’t so bad as you anticipated.”
            “Well that will house some joy in my spirit. It’s all what I got so far. I wish I was near you so I can see you more often.”
             “Don’t worry mother, you will always be close to me and living in my heart where ever I go. Oh mommy I miss you so much.” He kissed her. His eyes filled with tears again and part of her cheek got drenched from his tears.
            “I have to leave again. My plane flies in a few hours and I have to rest for a while.”
            He almost caught glimpse of his mother move her head sideways in disapproval, “When are you coming back? Next month? You rascal. Your father always said that when a young man loves a wife he forgets his parents.”
            “No mommy, I will always love you and not even the sexiest woman will make me forget you. Have you forgiven me completely for marrying Karen? I have totally forgiven you for not attending my wedding. I love you so much.”
            “How many times do I have to tell you son. Yes I have forgiven you. No matter what you do you will always be my beloved son.”
            He picked up the roses and spread them all around where she rested silently and peacefully underneath the grounds. The exquisite aromas permeated the entire atmosphere about. There was perfect silence aside the soft shuffles of his shoes over the green grass.
            “Rest in peace sweetheart. I couldn’t hand you roses last mother’s day because you were still mad at me for marrying Karen. We consoled with each other a long time afterwards. But I promise you that I will make it up to you and hand you Roses on every mother’s day till my hair goes grey and I die. Rest in peace mother and happy Mother’s Day.” He kissed her photograph once more and departed silently towards the nearby parking lot of his car thinking, “Even if it’s only voices in my mind, I know my mother really well, a hot temper but a big heart. I know deep within you mother that you forgave me a long time ago for all the things that I might have upset you with, way deep in your big heart.”

The story events, characters, places and some cities are totally imaginary and created by the author of this article.  Any resemblance to any real life situations and characters is totally unintended. 



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