Islamic Republic Of Lebanon/ Sheikh Abdullah Al-tamimi

I doubt that the above topic which describes the real situation in Lebanon will really cause any worries to the decision makers in western countries, almost the majority of Lebanese people are sharing me these doubts.

In fact most of Lebanese people voted against the project of “Hezbollah” to establish Extremist Shia’at republic in the country of the19 religions sects, but this majority are now suffering their greatest disappointment since US administration decides to replace the influence of PLO in Lebanon by the tutelage of “Albaath” over that country.

“Saad Alhariri” the man who was the main leader of 14th of March movement which demanded ending the tutelage of “Assads” over Lebanon and demanded disarmament “Hezbollah”.

“Saad Alhariri” is currently leading the process of handing over the Lebanese State to the shia’at terrorist organization of “Hezbollah”

The most Lebanese people I met – in Lebanon or out of Lebanon - expressed their great Anger of Saad Alhariri simply by calling him “The Traitor”.

Since 8th of June 2009 All changes in the main sensitive positions in security forces and in The Army was in favorite of “Hezbollah” and gave this terrorist organization full control over all Lebanese institutions; these changes been done by “Alhariri” himself; all he got instead of his services to “Hezbollah” is the title “Prime Minister Of Lebanon” but with no ability to make any serious resolutions except those gives more government positions to Hezbollah’s loyalists and to obligate all Lebanon bore the entire responsibility of Hezbollah’s services to Khamin’ee and to The Iranian regime. This was the opinion of most Sunnis and Christians whom I know in that poor country.

For fully understanding the political image of the Islamic republic of Lebanon we need to look at each piece of the mosaics which constitute this small unlucky nation.

First the government.

The Lebanese government consists of 3 parties:

1 - Hezbollah and it’s followers including the ministers of “Junblat”. They are controlling the most important ministries without reference to the prime minster. These ministries working by direct commands of “Nasr Allah” and his assistants.

2- President “Michel Suleiman” and his ministers. They are controlling most of the government forces including the security forces.

The President and his ministers are openly a strong loyalists to “Hezbollah”; all their work during the last year was replacing the opponents of “Hezbollah – Syria” by officers are fully obedience to the orders of “wafiq safa” and “Abbas Ibrahim”.

3- “Saad Alhariri” and the ministers of 14th of March. They are hardly controlling non important ministries. At the end of the day they operate their ministries in the direction of “Hezbollah – Syria” policies with little noise just keep some respect to their voters.

Second The Sects:

1 – A- Sunnis Out Of Camps. You can hear a lot of talk of divisions in the Sunni street between pro-Hariri and his opponents, but the real Sunnis opinion was expressed in many events during the last 5 years, it depends on three major issues. First opposing Syrian regime till the end. Second opposing Hezbollah and demanding to disarm it. Third to get redress for the persecution to which face them in particular during the Syrian tutelage which turned them to the poorest and most miserable community in “Lebanon”; not any of the above Issues is regarded by the government of “Hezbollah - Alhariri”. In fact they are sure now that “Hezbollah” and it’s government are doing every thing to humiliate the Sunnis by disarming them and by impoverishment them and by Increasing their deprivation of basic services and the denial of government jobs, and by punishing Sunnis field leaders and Sunnis army officers whom faced the Hezbollah’s coup at the 7th of May 2008.

They are all very sure that the Lebanese State now is just an arm for Hezbollah to punish Sunnis – covered by the gloves of “Alhariri” – sect; more than 65 % of prisoners in Lebanese Jails are Sunnis.

B- Sunnis in the Refugees Camps (Palestinians). The streets fighters of the Camps where in the front line to defend “Tareeq Aljadida” the Sunni suburb in Beirut at the 7th of May 2008. They where sure that Hezbollah will never help them to improve their life miserable conditions and will never support them in any real clashes.

They thought that “Alhariri” will pay them back by implementing what he what he used to tell their leaders in his private meetings “No differences between Sunnis Lebanese and Palestinians in Lebanon they are all one”.

In fact they understood from Alhariri’s above words he realizes that they are Lebanese being persecuted because their grandparents belong to Palestine.

This people Have lost faith in all political entities that surround them, including militias, which controls their poor camps.

They are living under the worst Segregation law in the world.

Their only choice is keeping their weapons and going to the options to turn to the chaotic and rebellious and hostile to all current political systems the choice of “Al-Qaida”; already thousands of them are wanted by Lebanese security forces with no hope of fair trail.

2- Shia’at Sect. the vast majority of them are now under total fascist control of “Hezbollah”, very slim minority of this sect can express any sign of objection to the orders of “Nasr Allah” - Who represents the “Wali al-Faqih” ayatollah “Khomeini” and (semi god) "Al Mahdi" who absent in tour which began since 1200 years ago.

Shia’at regions in “Lebanon” are completely independent and separate from the rest of the country.
They have their own administration with full of their own state institutions.

“Hezbollah” and Shia’at are also controlling the rest of “Lebanon” using their share in Lebanese government positions. They transformed Lebanon into a miniature version of the one-party state that controls Iran; in fact they copied every single characteristic of the state of dictatorship of Iran and applied it in every corner of the country.

In Iran there is state Army with no real power and there are militias semi-official with complete military equipments which Dominates over the institutions and economy and security forces.

In “Lebanon” there is State Army with no real power and there are militias with complete military equipments which Dominates over all institutions and economy and security forces.

Even in southern of “Litany” the area of “1701” UN resolution you can see in your naked eyes the Lebanese Army working day and night under the direct command of Hezbollah’s local officers ; and you can see the mechanisms of the Lebanese army are working in the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah’s bases.

The whole Iranian State including the judicial system is infected by Bribery, corruption and nepotism; the keys of the federation of state mafias are in hands of “khamin’ee”; as for total dictatorship state in fact the best policy to keep the nation under control is by occupying people with no end of trouble and making them look for a living day and night.

“Hezbollah” copied that corrupted system for “Lebanon” to make every one there busy with a lot of no end of trouble and increasing fears and increasing miseries and to push Sunnis and Christians to leave the country.

No thing in “Lebanon” is getting better; in fact there is nothing not getting worse every day unless Hezbollah's hegemony over the country and Hezbollah’s increasing strength.

In Iran the whole State is in service of Project of exporting the Shia’at revolution to the rest of the world.

In “Lebanon” whole facilities of the State are in service of the Project of exporting the Shia’at revolution to the rest of the world and under direct commands of “khamin’ee” and his adopted son “Nasr Allah”.

For Example “Lebanese General Security” and “Lebanese Customs” are controlling the immigration and border authorities; these institutions are under direct commands of “Hezbollah”.

These institutions are serving the Project of exporting Shia’at revolution by issuing any kind of identities for the agents of “Hezbollah” and by opening the Lebanese border’s and ports for these agents and for “Arms & drugs” shipments belonging to “Hezbollah”. The case of Hezbollah’s faction in “Egypt” shows small sample of these services.
In “Iran” the freedom of expression is the greatest enemy of “Khamin’ee” – the Emperor - and gagging the opposition is the first goal for the Authorities; In “Lebanon” Hezbollah adopts the same policy it’s using Lebanese state and it’s institutions to achieve this goal.

In “Iran” reforming is prohibited; In “Lebanon” you can see that “Hezbollah” is working openly to block any attempt to reform in any sphere.

In “Iran” the loyalists of “Khamin’ee” are above the law; In “Lebanon” all Hezbollah’s loyalists are above the law; they don’t pay any tax or any bills and it is not possible to take them to courts; They are the employers of all gangs of smuggling and theft and criminal acts in the country and they are engaging in such business without any fear of any authority except the authority of “Hezbollah”.

3- Christians. They are now divided for two parties. The first one which is loyal to the “Catholic Church” they are calling there self “14th of March” supporters; they sparked “anti Syrian uprising” at 14th of Feb and they are still the main leaders of anti (Syria – Iran’s influence) in the country.

They share Sunnis people most of their anger about the current situation in “Lebanon”; more over they have their own worries about their fate because of threatens of extremist Islamist (Hezbollah & allies); these Christians are afraid to suffer what happened to the Christians of Iraq.

They are now depending on western support but they are so sure that a deal had been held between America and Iran are similar to those held by the James Baker with Hafez Assad at 1990 which canceled the political privileges of Christians.

The second Christian party is loyalist to “Hezbollah” in fact this party is opposing the Catholic Church and opposing Sunnis countries.

They are small minority but the Shia’at voters enlarged the political size of this party in mixed areas.

They have no real effects in Christian community and they have no clear political views their only business is following the orders of “Hezbollah”.

4- Druze. They are small sect (population 120000) they are old enemies of Christianity in “Lebanon”; they used to depend on support of Syrian regime.

They know very well that western allies decided to renew the Iranian and Syrian hegemony over Lebanon; this was their main reason of giving up the dreams of youth and educated generation for the choice of traditional cautious clerics and they ran for their safety to the warm chest of the Iranian-Syrian alliance.

Third. the international dimension. “14th of March” Lebanese politicians are working as a mask to hide the realty of Islamic republic of Lebanon; they are now joining the government of “Hezbollah” and thus give the seizure of Hezbollah over the country the necessary legitimacy and giving to the Government of Hezbollah international recognition and international relations necessary to strengthen this government and to allow it to penetrate the international community and to inject Hezbollah’s terrorists in the world countries to establish their gangs and mafia underground to secure more funding for this terrorist group.

These “14th of March” Lebanese politicians are doing these services for Hezbollah under full coordination with western allies this is an other evidence that western allies has sold Lebanon to Syria and Iran Alliance in dirty transaction.

If the international tribunal issues an indictment against Hezbollah for the assassination of Hariri the first Lebanese politician will speak against the tribunal will be “Saad Alhariri” and his assistants he will say: “the unity of the nation is much greater then any case – Lebanon is first” and he will deny all his previous statements about the impossibility of building a unified nation without real justice ; even with this position Hezbollah will talk about an international Zionist conspiracy and will take the whole country and will declare his Islamic.

The same Scenario will happened if Israel sparked full scale war against “Lebanon”; during this war - and because of the current situation in “Lebanon”- Israel will destroy Lebanese State forces and Israel will not eliminate “Hezbollah”; After the end of this war “Lebanon” will become in hands of “Hezbollah” with UN seize fire resolution includes international recognition of “Islamic Republic Of Lebanon”.

We should not forget that “Hezbollah” has a great chance to impose it’s Islamic republic to the world by copying Khomeini's plan to impose the recognition of Iranian Islamic regime upon the world governments; the plan was holding a lot of western hostages and involving in successful clash with USA forced the public opinion in western countries to accept the international recognition of Khomeini’s regime.

There are thousands of western citizens under the hands of “Hezbollah” they are still in Lebanon because their governments refuse to recognize the current reality in Lebanon and refuse to issue warnings to their nationals to prevent them from traveling to the Islamic Republic In Lebanon; also we should not forget that “Ahmadi Najad” - the direct boss of “Nasr Allah”- was One of those who occupied the American Embassy in Tehran in the late seventies of the last century and he is so proud of this.

All democracy’s loyalists I met in Syria and Lebanon are sure about this becoming catastrophe.



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