Charbel Baini: A poem which has been sung by poems”/ Sarkis Karam


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It is my pleasure to once again address you at this home of literature, poetry and culture, and this time, it is about a brilliant book by May Tabbah “Charbel Baini:  A poem which has been sung by poems”

Author May Tabbah, a scholar, who comes from a distinguished background of intellects, has been a leading light and a driving force in the promotion of Arab literature and just causes, at various capacities.  She is known for her vision, openness and brave views, in addition to her strong advocacy of the women movement.

In this book, May Tabbah sheds light on the life of poet Charbel Baini in a unique way, as she takes the reader on a fascinating journey. She begins with drawing attention to a young rebellious Charbel Baini, whose spirited thoughts are deemed as the main instigator for his probably self proclaimed exile, which came to the fore, despite his unmeasurable admiration for his motherland. 

May notes that Baini’s uprising against old customized ideas became evident in his initial book “Murahika”  in which he caused significant controversy, that did not win him at the time many “daring” friends. However, Baini managed to escape the shackles of social restrictions and succeeded in establishing his poetry as a platform from which he launched an amazing school of free line of rousing thoughts and inspiring ideas. And thus, Baini won the battle of freedom, not just from external intolerance, but also from internal fear.

May also analyses in depth Baini’s poetry methods and style, reviewing how his poems tend to tackle various patriotic, social and emotional issues, and how each poem touches the soul and senses of fascinated readers and listeners alike. 

She underlines how Baini nurtured the love for Lebanon he brought with him, and how he turned it into a scope of endless colourful images that reflect a faultless foray of human warmth, by which he was able to dissolve the frosty existence of the Ghorbi, and from which he recreated a version of his old native home, not just for himself, but rather for far too many people, who are onboard the same rollercoaster of emotions as he is.

There is no doubt that May Tabbah excels in summarising the values detected and often felt in Charbel Baini’s poetry. These values consist of freedom, equality, courage, human rights, love for the people and for the motherland, as well as for fairness and harmony.

In conclusion, May refers to the long list of poets, who sang Charbel Baini’s praises, selecting a few poems that express what lovers of poetry have experienced and felt when interacting with his motivating poems.

Congratulations to author May Tabbah on an exceptionally valuable book, which will certainly enrich the Arabic library.

Congratulations also on being awarded the Charbel Baini Medal for 2022, wishing you, estaz Charbel Baini and Dr Ali Bazzi all of the very best in your future endeavours.

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