My Kafkaesque Trial

After Jim Kable wrote in reply to Henry Reynold’s Pearls and Irritations article, ‘When the War on Terror Turns inward’: “are there any updates” on what has become of Mr Moselmane, I feel compelled to provide a brief response.

Thank you to the many kind and decent Australians who have signed petitions, written, called and expressed their support and their concern for me and for the welfare of my family. The episode was shocking and my family continues to feel the pain of it all.

A month has now passed since that dreadful raid on my family home, where Journalists given prior notice of the AFP raid, lined up outside my home to cover and beam to the world my very public execution. To date neither I nor any of my staff have been charged. The Morrison government’s forty plus Federal Police agents have not produced a single allegation.

Like the lead character in Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial, I face no charges for an unspecified crime yet it seems a trial is being held elsewhere. Is this Australian democracy? Australian democracy should be displaying openness, respect for human rights and thereby trust in the behaviour of politicians and public officials. Instead, in common with other citizens, I have experienced secrecy, the promotion of fear and other abusive uses of power, no sign of transparency or accountability. Democracy requires courage to insist on principle in public life.

I still don’t know what the allegations are, other than that the Morrison government is searching for evidence of a foreign plot to advance the interests of China. Contrary to what one reads in the Australian media, no federal police officer has questioned me about that nor ever suggested I was a suspect.

It is imperative that I clearly be heard to state that I have no problem with the lawful use of investigative agencies to promote security. What I am critical of is the oppressive nature of this ministerial manoeuvring especially by Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison to use me and the accused as the scapegoat for their failing to promote a strategic, balanced and independent Australian own foreign policy.

Clearly my work for better relations with China and the Australian Chinese Community, while attracting abuse from radio shock jocks and the far right in Australian politics, has nothing to do with ‘foreign influence’.

Yet I am left with disturbing questions. How did collecting dust and hair from my family cars and the use of sniffer dogs in my home assist any investigation into foreign influence?

The Morrison government seems bent on smearing my name by innuendo and muckraking, leaks and lies, happily assisted by sections of the tabloid media, and some with own political and preselection agenda, sadly within my own political party.

Why did Peter Dutton allow every federal police movement around my home to be telecast live to the world?

While my family and I continue to be threatened and horrified, I will not be intimidated. I will continue to do my work as an elected member of the NSW Parliament, speaking up for the communities I have come to represent in my 38 years of my political service.

I will continue to be a friend of all, not least the Australian-Chinese, and the broader Asian communities, the subcontinent communities and others including the Australian-Arab communities. I will continue to support the rights of the people of Palestine and justice for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

I will continue to criticise this Prime Minister, who holidayed in Hawaii while NSW burnt. I will continue to criticise Peter Dutton, who must be held accountable for his role in the Ruby Princess debacle.

It’s time for the federal police to come up with the evidence for charges or drop the allegations against me and my name!



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