The keys of the Heavens.. Waheeb Nadeem Wahbah: The dramatization of the Arabic poem, Cairo: In Arabic and English

The moment of creation - It is the moment of absolute unity with heaven - when the Great and Almighty commands, the earth at once obeys.
So, how will the creation be when the Will of heaven and the Might of the destiny wanted the Saviour of mankind to be born out from the womb of purity to this East, ... In order to pure mankind from sins and to be the Gospel to the people of the earth (I preach to you with great joy).

To proceed:
Between 2012 - when the keys of the Heavens  received the Metropolitan Nicolas Naaman Award for Human Virtues from the  Naji Naaman Foundation for Culture – Lebanon. 
And between and 2020, the sixth edition of this purposeful creativity was published in Arabic and English, with a deep-rooted message that descended from heaven and penetrated deeply into the earth.

"The Keys to the Heavens"
In Arabic and English with this forthcoming edition, In Arabic and English, from Cairo - Egypt, the publishing Dar "Al-Adham" proves that the geography of creativity, between Carmel and Haifa and between Beirut and Cairo may be the same place.

"The Keys to the Heavens"
"The journey of our Lord Christ from the land of Canaan to the" land of the Kinanah (Egypt),, and the return to spread the message of God, justice and love.

Important references:
- The Introduction is written by the writer Nayef  Fayez  Khoury.
- The endorsement is written by the poet Dr. Fahad Abu Khadra.
- The Keys of the Heavens: Awarded the Metropolitan Nicolas Naaman  Award for  Human Virtues - Beirut, Lebanon.
- A Master's thesis was presented on the keys of heavens under the title: "The semantics and religious terms of the keys of the Heaven" to the professor -  Wabal daher - Ornim College - Department of High Graduate Studies – 2017.

- The Critic Dr. Mohammed Khalil wrote a refereed study on "the Keys to the Heavens and the Complete Quartet ", published in the websites, in his critical book "Mirrors - in Literature and Culture - 2018'', and in his book for academic researches issued in  English  - titled "The Aesthetics of Discourse in Modern Arabic Literature" ,Published by Austin Mc Willie  in the British capital, London – 2019.
- Dr. Fahd Abu Khadra (The Poet) wrote a refereed study on "the Keys to the Heavens and the Entire Quartet "  published in the sites.

- Dozens of articles and critical reviews were published about  the Keys to the Heavens  - we remember  some of them with the preservation of titles:
 Amaal Awaad Radwan - Suad Qarman - Fatima Diab - George Grace Farah – Nadir Shemaly  - Mazin Al-Kprdy – Samaher Al-Nagar – Nadia Saleh –Dr. Rogeh Tavor - Rushdie Al Madi - Fahim Abu Rukan - Dr. Munir Touma - Grace Gebran Khoury – The Word of Dar Naji Naaman, Lebanon - Marilyn Saadeh, Lebanon - Hatem al-Shehri, Saudi Arabia, wrote about the Entire Quartet titled "The International Book".
"The Keys to the Heavens"
- Issued in Arabic in Beirut, first edition in 2012 and won the Metropolitan Nicolas Naaman Award for Human Virtues. The second edition was published by the Literary Magazine of  Dar mawaqif  (2012). A third  edition in the  Entire Quartet "The sea and the desert", the  dramatization of the Arabic poem – 2013. A fourth edition was published in Al-Ahram Canada -2016 . A fifth edition through the Audible Book – Al Manara World - library -2016- A sixth edition from  Dar Al-Adham, Cairo, Egypt, the of 2020 in Arabic and with translation in English by the Egyptian translator and poet Hassan Hegazy Hassan.   



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