The Hon. SHAOQUETT MOSELMANE short contribution on Tim Fischer condolence last night

I wish to make a short contribution on this condolence motion, recognising one of our great political leaders. Tim Fischer, AC, was a genuine man, respected by many around Australia and overseas. Tim was a devout Catholic. He held strong socially conservative views. He did not hide them and did not hesitate to express them but he was always respectful. He was also a uniting figure who spoke against divisive politics such as Hansonism and racism. According toThe Guardian, he was the only Minister in the Howard Government to sign up to the parliamentary code of race ethics championed by Labor and the Australian Democrats. Unlike Prime Minister Howard, he took on Pauline Hanson, labelling her race‑based commentary as "divisive, dumb and wrong".

He was always a resolute individual. A man of conviction. He stood by those convictions even if they were to his political detriment. He opposed Mabo and stood with gun control. He was always steadfast in his positions as he was in his support for justice for the Palestinian people and their right to their homeland. For that, he was much loved and respected by the Australian Arab community. He was as much interested in multicultural Australia as he was in forging closer relationships between Australia and Asia, building strong friendships particularly with people in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and others. Tim Fischer was an admirable political leader and for that he will always have our respect. My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.



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