An important letter from the Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane

Dear friends,
Your continued support for recognition of Palestine NOW is more important than ever. 

We must get a Labor Victory at the up coming federal elections to see a Labor Government recognition of Palestine. 

We are almost there.

Your support to Anthony Albanese and Tony Burke and others who helped us through this debate is vital.

The ALP has moved closer to embracing Palestinian statehood, with the national conference passing the strongest resolution in its history calling on the next Labor government to proceed with recognition.

The resolution passed unanimously at the 2018 conference, calling on the next Labor government to recognise Palestine as a state. 

We now want the Shorten Federal Labor in Government to put the motion through and do justice to the Palestinian people.

Your support in booking a seat or two  or a table and or making a donation helps our Federal Labor colleagues from the Left and the Right of the ALP to continue their work and to see this initiative through our national parliament. 

Palestine needs now more than ever.

Yours faithfully

Chair of Arabic Friends of Labor.



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