Christmas Dinner/ Meeting held by the Arabic Friends of Labor in Bexley

A full house at the Annual Christmas Meeting/BBQ of the Arabic Friends of Labor, held jointly with Bexley and Brighton Branches of the Australian Labor party with key note speaker former President of The NSW Legislative Council, The Hon Amanda Fazio, who is also Co-Chair of the Labor Union Multicultural Action Committee. The event was attended by a wonderful gathering of party members and community representatives. It was so well attended that the next meeting will need a bigger hall.

On behalf of Bexley and Brighton Branches Secretary and Councillor Tarek Ibrahim welcomed all and in particular many distinguished members of the community including the Mayor of Bayside, His Worship, Councillor Bill Saravinovski, Deputy Mayor Clr Joe Awada as well as the Hon Shaoquett Moselmane, Opposition Whip in the legislative Council NSW and Convenor of the Arabic Friends of Labor, Mr Mark Buttigieg ETU representative and future member of the NSW Upper House, as well as Louay Moustapha, Secretary of the Barton Federal Electoral Council ALP and of Course, our long-time friend the Hon Amanda Fazio.

After welcoming all and wishing every one Merry Christmas and a happy new year, the Mayor handed the Microphone over to the Hon Shaoquett Moselmane who spoke about Scott Morrisons irresponsible and irrational policy of shifting the Australian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem against not only international law, the international community but also the majority of the Australian community, 73% of whom in a 2017 Morgan Poll indicated their support for recognition of a Palestinian state.  Mr Moselmane condemned Scott Morrison’s desperate stance but noted that his time and that of the Morrison Government is terminal and will cease to exist at the next federal elections. Shaoquett Compared Labor Policy for peace and for a Palestinian State against the destructive Conservative policy that goes against peace in the Middle East. He also noted that as a delegate to Labor’s National Conference in Adelaide this weekend He is looking forward to Labor recognising Palestine. 

 Shaoquett also noted that the Berejiklian government has faltered if not on the verge of collapse, is increasingly desperate trying to hang on to power now that the people of NSW have expressed anger with their policy agenda of Tolls and more Road Tolls, aggressive sale of public assets and wasteful spending of $2.5 Billion on demolition of two perfectly good stadiums instead of spending on Health and Education where money is most needed.

 Shaoquett took great pride in welcoming to the stage the Hon Amanda Fazio who did not hold back from criticising the Morrison Government for its policy failures, its arrogance on Palestine and its unashamed kowtowing to the Zionist lobby on the issue of the Australian embassy shift. She spoke about the need for further scrutiny of the Government and supported calls for a federal ICAC. Amanda then congratulated the New Opposition Leader as Shaoquett had done and looked forward for unity amongst the multicultural communities to stand together and at the next election turf the conservative Morrison and Berejiklian governments out and bring in a Shorten Labor Government and a Daley Labor government in NSW.



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