41 years Anniversary: "It’s Time to Remember" Mr. Robert Naoum, The Former Consul General of Lebanon in Sydney & CLFG

I was very privileged to meet an honourable man in 2004, (Mr Robert Naoum, served as a Consul General of Lebanon in Sydney from 5/7/2004 Till 31/5/2012 ) whom I now call a great and dear friend. Since 2004, Mr Naoum and I have been working together for Lebanon and Australia. He was and continues to be very supportive of "The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group" and would attend every Lebanon Carnival and every concert for CLFG with his wife and daughter.

I was honoured to work with Mr Robert Naoum to establish a Lebanese Club in Sydney Australia ( but unfortunately it didn't happen) and also worked together to establish the Lebanon Humanitarian Appeal to help the families of Lebanese Army in Lebanon, Amongst other things,

 2005 Established the Independence day of Lebanon Award for the Lebanese community in Australia,

 22nd November 2005, Mr Robert Naoum was the only official  Lebanese to award the Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group & Elie an award of Appreciation for the CLFG hard work in Australia teaching and presenting the Lebanese / Australian Culture since 1973 for Elie and since 1977 for "The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group"

2007 in "The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group" 30th Anniversary concert in Hurstville - Sydney gave each member of CLFG Award of Appreciation for their hard work to keep and present the Lebanese Culture in Australia .

 2008 worked together to replace the Cedar Tree in Botanic Garden -Sydney ( age 125 years).. 10th March 2008. We gave it to the Artist

 Mr. Toufic Mourad he turned to 155 pieces of ARTS.

Despite Mr Naoum leaving Sydney to Cuba,(Havana) to become an ambassador for Lebanon in 2012 and then later retiring in Lebanon 2017, the relationship between Mr Naoum and I remains strong and he is a dear friend.

I am very proud to call Mr Robert Naoum a good friend of mine. May God continue to bless him and his family.

Elie Akouri
The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group



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