Australian Maronite Community Network” (AMCN) new board

As I convey the Greetings of the AMCN new Executive Board, I wish to advise that the “Australian Maronite Community Network” (AMCN) التجمع الماروني الاسترالي recently held its AGM and elected a new Executive Board as follows:

Chair: Ghassan Awit
1st Vice Chair: Fahd Gittany
2nd Vice Chair: Faraj Harb
Secretary General: Raymond Abi-Arraj
Assistant Secretary-General: Toufic Laba
Treasurer: Chafic Saade
Assistant Treasurer: George Hanna
Director: Clovis Batti
Media: Pierre Semaan
Advisor/ Consultant: Bakhos Georges
Sports and Recreation: Albert Khaicy

The AMCN is an incorporated Independent Organisation recognised by the Australian Government since 1 April 2016 and looks forward to serving the Australian Lebanese community generally and the Maronite Community in particular. 
We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you for the common good of all.

The AMCN liaises with the three spheres of the Australian Government, and cooperates with Maronite Organisations and Associations, in Australia and worldwide to achieve the following objectives:

At the Australian level:
Supporting a free Australian Democratic and Multicultural Society based on Equality, Justice and Harmony.
Promoting cooperation among Australian Communities on issues of common concern to provide for social coherence and stability.
Ensuring the rights of the Australian Maronite Community to effective participation in decisions which affect it.
Opposing all forms of Discrimination, Defamation and vilification on the grounds of ethnic or national origin, race, religion or colour.
Working towards better public relations within the Australian Maronite Catholic Community and encouraging worthy individuals to take up effective and positive roles in the General Australian Society.
Undertaking Study and Research in order to identify the needs, changes and development of the Australian Lebanese Community in general and the Maronite Community in particular.
Helping the needy and disadvantaged members of the Maronite Community and beyond.
Maintaining the Maronite rich culture, identity and values in current and future generations.

At the Lebanese Level and worldwide:
Supporting a free Lebanese Democratic system which guarantees the democratic rights of all minorities coexisting in Lebanon.
Safeguarding the existence of the Maronites and Christians in Lebanon and providing them with any necessary support which secures their survival.
Supporting and promoting Bkerke’s policies and recommendations. 
Liaising and cooperating with the Maronite League in Lebanon and the Maronite Organisations worldwide in support of the Maronite cause.
As Christian Charity knows no bounds, the AMCN shall be free to act in the field of charity and shall help fight injustice and oppression everywhere. One of the major objectives is to help Charity organisations and institutions and in particular those which assist sufferers of Cancer and Heart diseases etc.

It would be appreciated if you could ask your Staff to adjust the records, and to ensure that we are on your mailing list for future communications or input, particularly on matters which may be relevant, or of special concern to the Australian Maronite community in Australia or abroad.

Should you require further information or for future communication please do not hesitate to contact the Chair Mr Ghassan Awit on telephone +61 422 216 144 (Mob) or myself on +61 413 069004 (Mob), or E-mail:

Yours sincerely,
Raymond Abi-Arraj                                                                       Ghassan Awit 

التجمّع الماروني الاسترالي
Australian Maronite Community Network Inc(AMCN) 



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