INVITATION to Gala 2017 Mirath In Mind

We are once again pleased to announce this year's new exciting project of
"Mirath in Mind", which will culminate with a Gala Day to take place on Friday
This is the 7th year since the inception of Mirath in Mind and these have been
seven years of success after success, with the number of participating
students exceeding one thousand in 2016.
The main aim of the project this year is for each student to celebrate the
traditions and customs of his/her village or region. This will involve students in
researching and learning about their own place of origin. On Gala Day
students will present Theatrical Scenes from a selection of famous musicals
and Duets where they will perform by acting, singing and dancing in front of a
large schools' community and professional judges of local artists.
Bankstown Sports Club: Greenfield Parade.
9:30 am - 12:30 PM
Primary School students
1:00 pm - 4:00 PM
High School students.
As usual, prizes will be given for outstanding work in each of the categories.
We take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and support and
we look forward to your presence with us on Gala Day.



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