An Effective Policy: His Majesty King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander High-Place Holder

BY  Hussein Mohamed Al Iraqi

   I saw the King deeply  thinks  in his people's  wishes  and case which  pouring  for the sake  of  home   and  it is  useful as evidence  of his department ruling at the heart of national concern (human rights and a dignified life for Dutch society and that people's right to life) as well as activism by people of the Netherlands he was incisive opinion and speak only with public note was prepared perfectly for every aspect of his  new role through his intensive activities on the overall level of serious attention and political administration  and  his  serious  concern of developments and events of the day "in our contemporary  world.  Netherlands Kingdom became respected by other countries.
    King Willem-Alexander  maintained a political nature that  peaked with the possessing of   Arab and international balance  in  a new awareness of social and political relations ,and accepted   with  necessary  duties assigned to this  post and work  management became  without any personal considerations and override  of the interests of the party or group ,in  implementing  his   duty and requested  the support and confidence of the Dutch people. " For while his personality is known ,note, that  Royal family in  Netherlands widely popular known  , his counterpart  is less and become pro rate for  the monarchy 78 per cent, referred to that  the Queen Beatrix of 75-year-old abdicating after spending 33 years in her position for her son King above  of  46 years old and specializes in water resource management note Netherlands King assured  that he wanted to be little  away  the protocols and to be close to the people.
     Willem assured  for  his intention between tradition and requirements of the 21st  century  and said I  want to be King continues the tradition and continue my tradition these contents pour for the country's stability and continuity of the work and became  the owner of  best experience  by reading 100 books and said I want to be King of the twenty-first century can assemble people around him and represent and encourage them  to  be an example  for them and note for King Willem built his life and political management on the love and appreciation and respect of  the people of the Netherlands because he is (King and Royal system?) While  the  majority  of  the republican build    its life and political  administration   on dictatorship political abuse, persecution and exile  for their  people,  my evidence  here  that  Syria and Yemen and Iraq, as well as the former Governor Saddam Hussein who exiled me more than a decade from 1993 and came  back  in  2004 and made me live humiliation with  Muammar Gaddafi ruler of Libya.
      His Majesty  assured  and said I'm not followed  any  protocol and people can call me as they please until they feel comfortable so it is no coincidence that the above  King is on the throne and immersed  himself in the management and protection of water in the Kingdom during the greater part of his life.
     What is  important   that recorded  by  King  his name, Willem Alexander that  he  made the Kingdom of Netherlands  as the intellectual and political center ,not paralleled   and has grown steadily, reaching her fame has become a junction today in front of  Dutch and  public opinion ,
   Sir Majesty please forgive me if I don't   described   you  fully  on press ,but  I  have  internal feelings and  I must  declare it to higher status honestly and frankly I wrote to all the Kings of the Arabs start of his Majesty the late King  the first ,Farouk of Egypt published   in Al Fiker  newspaper and ending with Libyan  King Idriss  Al Sunuci  published  in  network in Denmark because I have trends  to search   in  royal  systems  and my wish to live as a citizen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and specifically through formal  asylum , because  I   lost  the valuables and  precious  in  Iraq and    my  damning evidence publishes  in Al Gurba  Magazine   entitled( cry of wounded father ,the  journalist   , Hussein Mohamed Al Iraqi  today I intend  to travel  to the Netherlands to serve my cause (respect the monarchy? Wherever, I haven't  found like you for acceptance and appreciation greeting To  any  one  who  helped  me  , I will never forget as long as I live.
King Willem Alexander  born  on April 27, 1967, the first man will take the throne of the Netherlands  since 123 years ago and another Dutch King died in 1890 and since that time the succession to the throne (Queens) only about his own high school learning  he  attended  protestant  secondary school in the Hague and then attended   the military service in the Dutch Royal Navy from August   1985 to January 1987 also received his training in the Royal Dutch Navy College and studied history and earned academic degree in 1993. 
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King Willem Alexander,
 King of the Netherlands



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