Speech welcoming and recognizing Dr. Jihad Moustapha for his distinguished achievements

By The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC.
Acknowledge the original Owners of the land and pay my respects to their elders past and present.
I acknowledge my parliamentary colleagues Mr Chris Minns MP member for Kogarah… 
and the number of Councilor representatives, Rockdale Councilors Joe Awada and Tarek Ibrahim, Sutherland Councilor D. Mayor Hassan Awada and former Liverpool D Mayor, Clr Ali karnib.
I also acknowledge the many other distinguished guests too many to name individually but suffice to say there are over 15 doctors 12 media representatives many leaders of community organizations, writers, poets and so forth each make very important contribution to the Arabic community and to the wider Australian Community. 
Dr. Moustapha, what you see today is a sample of the many quiet achievers who make us proud. 
Some of their achievements are now recorded in journals, in books and some of it is working its way into the World Wide Web.
Can I thank Dr. Kassem Moustapha for asking me to speak at this important community event, welcoming and recognizing you Dr. Jihad Moustapha for your distinguished achievements.
Dr. Moustapha is a Director of Endovascular interventions, He performs artery and vein catheterization which means an operation to open up vessels to improve blood circulation. He has developed a great reputation for his amputation prevention skills.  He is a cardiologist whose abilities have earned him a great reputation for pioneering innovations. 
When reading Dr. Moustapha’ s CV, I was struck with three things:
Firstly his innovative work which was very much in the Arab tradition of love for science and medicine. 
History speaks of Arab medical knowledge much of which laid the basis for medical practice around the world but in particular in Europe. 
Their impact on science, technology, and medicine was significant to the extent as one article noted: “today's Western world might look very different without the legacy of Arab scholars in Baghdad, Cairo, Cordoba, and elsewhere.” And it goes on to say “Arab scholars made numerous important scientific and technological advances in mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, metallurgy, architecture, textiles, and agriculture.
One of the most important medical books of its time, completed around 1030 AD, the Laws of Medicine, a massive manuscript, detailing the formulation of medicines, diagnosis of disorders, general medicine and So forth, was written by the Arab physician Ibn Sina.  
What we see in Dr Moustapha’s innovative work is a small but an important contribution to this Arab love for science and scientific medical advancements. 
Secondly his entrepreneurial skills also denote his Lebanese heritage. De Moustapha has submitted 38 patent app for medical devices he invented. He, like most Lebanese, is an entrepreneur. Like all Lebanese or Arab journalists that are here tonight, the many businessmen and women, the many high achievers, academics, bankers, builders, politicians to suggest just a few are always creative and always innovative and never sitting idle.  
The third aspect that stood out for me is the way Dr Moustapha commenced his journey. Having to migrate to the U.S at the age of 15 without family and without money and without language tells of a story of hardship, perseverance and success. He really is the mirror image of all of us migrants in distant lands.
I congratulate Dr Jihad Moustapha and thank you all for honouring us with your presence.



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