A delegation from The World Council of Cedars revolution

A delegation from The World Council of Cedars revolution
Headed by Tom Harb,(Secretary General) and DR Walid Pharse Special advisor to WCCR met at the United Nations with Ambassador Terje Roed-Larsen (S.G. Special envoy for the Implementation of UNSCR 1559)

Delegation discussed security situation in Lebanon in light of Syria wars, Iran and Russian intervention as well as ISIS and Nusra clashes with Hezbollah on borders.
The delegation communicated a security  plan to Ambassador Roed-Larsen to be forwarded to the UN Secretary General.A plan that would protect Lebanon or large parts of Lebanon under 1559 from the militias wars on its soil.
The delegation also discussed a possible international participation in the new security plan.
The delegation then met with the missions of three members of the UN security council USA, France and Russia.
All three missions reassured the delegation that they are working on protecting Lebanon from the war in Syria.
At the Russian mission. The delegation  urged Moscow to put pressure on its allies Iran and Hezbollah to adhere to a new security plan for Lebanon to avoid a major security collapse.
At the French mission the delegation explored Paris willingness to be part of the international backing of the security plan proposed
And at the US mission the delegation sought an American backing for such a plan, as part of the campaign against ISIS.
The WCCR delegation felt that the current constitutional void cannot be solved except via a new security plan for the whole country in view of the regional developments.



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