Australian Coptic Movement statement on Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Once again, ISIS has committed another savage and despicable attack on vulnerable Christian migrants in Libya. According to multiple media reports, as many as 30 Ethiopian Christians were beheaded or executed in Libya. 
The international community’s response to the plight facing Christians in Libya has been met with astonishing indifference by most international leaders. Our ongoing calls for action have been met with a deafening silence. Such inaction in response to the chaos that has unfolded in Libya since Gaddafi’s ouster is deeply regrettable. 
As recently as February, a well coordinated and savage attack on Coptic Christians in Libya  sent shockwaves throughout the entire Australian Coptic community and the Coptic Christian community worldwide. For years, the ACM has been warning the international community of the need for stability in Libya, which is integral to stability in the broader MENA region. Since the ousting of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has rapidly descended into a state of anarchy with terrorist groups carrying out  depraved acts of barbarism with impunity. Individuals who have migrated to Libya to find work in order to escape abject poverty in their homeland are particularly vulnerable to threats posed by terrorist groups that have found a safe haven in this North African nation. Nations involved in the international coalition that intervened in Libya in 2011 have a particular responsibility to respond to this unfolding crisis. 
This North African nation is on the path to becoming a failed state and there is no evidence that the international community has any resolve to put an end to the carnage which has come about as a result of the power vacuum left by the ouster of Colonel Gaddafi, despite attempts by the Egyptian government to rally an international coalition to intervene in Libya following the devastating beheadings of Egyptian nationals earlier this year.
We convey our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Ethiopian community in Australia and around the world as they are grieve this senseless and vicious attack on innocent Ethiopian Christian migrants looking for a better future.
The Australian Coptic Movement Association 



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