Australian Arabic Cultural Centre celebrating 2015 International Women's Day

By Marcelle Mansour

The Australian Arabic Cultural Centre/ Boutros Indari forum celebrated the International Women's Day on 9th of March 2015 and recognized the achievements of ten women from various Middle Eastern backgrounds. Congratulations to all the Recipients: Dr. Rosemary Suliman, Dr. Iman Sharobeem, Ms.Mary Missy, Ms.Randa Kattan, Ms. Maha Abdo, Dr. Rosemary Suliman, Dr. Nejmeh Habib, Hajjeh Fatima Bazzi, Dr. Boushra Obeidi, Ms. Najah El-Bahri and Ms. Vivien Doueihy. In attendance of Clr Brian Robson, the Mayor of Canterbury and Mr Joseph Rizk and wife, the Managing Director and CEO of Arab Bank Australia who sponsored the event. Speeches were made by the Mayor Clr Brian Robson who focused on Australian immigrant women and their achievements. Mr George Hasham – who is an expert in the field of education - addressed various issues facing women in general and the Australian Arabic women in particular, wishing them more progressive work. Dr Emil Chediac and Mrs Chadia Hajjar performed the MC. The evening was highlighted by music, songs and poetry reading. Performance of songs by Marcel Khalifeh :” Oummi” , and Rita's for Kazem Al-Saher singing Nizar Kabbani and Raybaniat. Mr Sayed Mihkael, Poet and Editor in Chief of Alanwar newspaper recited his own magnificent poem, specially written for this event to recognize women’s power. Marcelle Mansour (the writer of these words read her own written poem, titled "greeting", congratulating and celebrating the strength of Australian Arabic Immigrant women. Nadine Chaar, presenter of Sawt El Farah Arabic radio, read extracts of poetry by Houda Al- Nemaani. The recognition awards were delivered by the Mayor Clr Brian Robson, Mr Joseph Rizk, Dr. Mustapha Alameddin and Mr George Dayoub. The event was successful and enjoyable. Congrats to all the recipients, the organisers, the participants, the supporters and the audience.



  1. Great covering for the occasion. Well done Marcelle

    Nejmeh Habsib

  2. Thank you Nejmeh for your comment. I believe it is important to encourage and support the Australian Arabic immigrant women in general regardless to their ethnic origin or religion, in their small and big acts. Not to forget my substantial Arabic literary competition that won the An-Nahar competition prize in the bicentenary 1988, which was titled (The struggle of the Australian Arabic Immigrant Women in Australia) and was published in the same newspaper on weekly basis which was the source of literature and journalism before the internet . I was the first in the Australian Arabic Community at that time to bring up the issue of women for its importance. I am really happy nowadays to see various faces of successful immigrant women in Sydney. I also wrote and recited my own poem that dedicated to all of you women as a gift on the occasion. This is the link just in case you like to read and to comment on it: Thank you once again.