Nightmare In Egypt…Part 16/ Feras Werr

Anubis pointed to Isis and Satis nodded in agreement. "I just bought her and I'm not interested in selling her." 
"I will pay you double what you paid for her." Satis stated with an assured tone of voice while giving Isis a degrading look.
Isis just knew her new owner will sell at the offer. She had to find a way to convince him otherwise. 
Anubis responded to Satis's offer with a surprised look and commented, "Do you mean you will pay me four gold Memphis coins for a slave? If that is what you want I don't mind."
Isis faced Anubis and pleaded, "Don't send me with her, please. I don't want to work in the palace. They are cruel on the workers there. I've been working in wine bars and serving guests all my life. I know how to please a guest." Isis pulled off her scarf completely. Her long red hair flowed with tantalizing strokes down her back. She managed to rip the top of her robe a little and gave a sexy sway as she showed her shoulders and a good portion of her bust. Anubis stared at her cleavage as her white complexion gleamed in the bright sunlight. Isis pulled up her long robe and revealed a good part of her gorgeous legs to the spectators. Satis gasped in surprise at the show Isis put on. She tapped her cheeks with the palm of her hands several times while her facial features screamed with embarrassment at what she saw. A huge crowd gathered around as Isis boasted her beauty to her master. Many young men and merchants cheered at the enticing performance they were seeing and shouted, "More! More! More!" 
Anubis suddenly announced while his eyes remained glued on Isis, "I changed my mind. I'm not selling." He felt completely lucky at the exceptional beauty his money just bought him. 
"I will pay you four times what you paid for her."
Anubis said firmly, "I said I'm not selling."
"Do you know who she really is?" Isis took a couple of paces back in fear as Satis continued explaining. "She is a traitor. I'm sure you heard of Isis, Pharaoh's sister who is accused of treason. She ran away from prison and she is wanted by the palace. I'm graciously buying her from you and rewarding you for the coins you just spent. If you don't accept my offer I will ask the soldiers to take all of you in for treason!" The crowd released cries of disapproval at the news.  Anubis panicked and pushed Isis towards Satis. "Take her free of charge. I don't want her."
Isis ran back towards Anubis and pleaded, "Please don't sell me! Please!" The servants with Satis pulled her and marched away.   
The skies and grounds shuddered as the armies collided with utmost ferocity. The smashing and clamoring of weaponry was gigantic. The grounds trembled at the uncountable chariots that raced with earsplitting roars about the war zone. The thick population of soldiers resembled swarms of ants that stormed towards delicious prey, only their delight was barbaric and bloodthirsty. The Hittite army went in with full force to the battle. Chariots and infantry took part in a general charge as it wanted to give a powerful blow to the Egyptians. The Egyptians, seeing the approaching menace, were forced to utilize almost their full force as well. 
The field within seconds turned into a bloodbath. The sounds of flesh slicing and tearing filled the atmosphere. Pain wailing erupted everywhere. It was a battle where the powerful and beastly survived. Both parties ruthlessly fought to overrule.  
Ptah's sword released bursts of sparks as he massively assailed a group of three Hittites. His lengthy sword posed a hectic problem as they hysterically attempted to block the full force of his strikes. Ptah moved his sword to the utmost right and gave a horizontal strike slicing all three of their heads at once. The heads screeched and rolled off to the ground. He moved to another Hittite and raised his sword to strike. The Hittite raised his sword horizontally to block Ptah. Ptah's sword whistled as it came down with full force and knocked the sword out of his enemy's hand. He sliced him fully from head to bottom. Ptah roared viciously as his enemy's blood showered him. The body cracked open into two distinct halves and fell. Six Hittites saw what the Egyptian body reaper was doing and all raced towards him. Ptah picked up one of the halves of the Hittite and ripped off a part of his flesh with his teeth. He spat it out and looked at them as blood dripped from his mouth. They screamed with horror at the scene and froze in their places. Ptah eyed a Hittite chariot that was busy fighting with an Egyptian close by. He ran up to it and gashed open it's driver's stomach with one move of his weapon. He tore the leather straps off that connected it to its two horses and carried it. He approached the six Hittites and gave a cry as he threw it at them. The heavy chariot crushed four of them. The two remaining looked at each other and took off with terror. Pretty soon a score of frustrated Hittites attacked Ptah. They threw three lines of iron chains at him to capture him. Ptah released a rough shoulder shuddering and broke them off. He bashed them mercilessly within seconds.
As Ramses roamed the battlefield with his chariot battering his enemies he noticed something outstanding in the conflict. The grounds were completely muddy and uneven making his chariot less maneuverable. His horses were splashing mud that was drenched with red liquid at him. The ongoing human slaughtering soaked the grounds with big amounts of blood. His chariot rocked continuously as it grinded human parts and bodies underneath it. Bodies still shaking from fatal wounds wailed as his chariot rolled over them beating out what was left of their life. He knew that not even his father or the mightiest pharaoh fought such a catastrophic war.   
As the battlefield rocked magnificently with the sounds of battle, Ramses blocked a powerful sword blow from an attacking soldier on a chariot. The horses of his chariot danced restlessly as the reigns fell from his left hand. He tilted backwards hitting the side wall of the chariot. In a split second he regained his balance and counterattacked successfully. He thrust his sword full force in the direction of the soldier dipping it in his chest. He yanked his sword strongly lifting the Hittite off of his chariot and crashed him on the narrow ground between the two vehicles. The heavy weight of the body pulled Ramses with it. Ramses grabbed the sword handle well and it slid off the body. A bulky Hittite approached him from behind and yanked him off his chariot. He gave him a strong blow on his head. Ramses momentarily lost partial consciences. He swayed sideways and felt himself about to fall to the ground. His assailant raised a spear and hurled it at him with mighty force. Ramses managed to duck and it hit a Hittite right behind him. The Hittite gave a scream and fell down. His assailant withdrew a dagger and ran towards him. Ramses blocked his hand and raised it up. The bulky soldier in seconds found it easy to overcome his smaller opponent and stabbed him in the right side of the chest. Ramses released an enormous cry and fell down to his knees. The pain was extremely smart. He grabbed the dagger as he felt his strength begin to depart. Tears came to his eyes as he saw the Hittite give a victorious laugh. The Hittite said something in his local language and everyone around him erupted into hailing.
Ramses rolled over on his back. He was gasping and wining at the pain. Everything around him turned into a blur. The fighting soldiers around him were shadows dancing in a distance. The voices of the battle were incomprehensible murmurs. The pain increased as he felt something within him wanting to depart, attempting to tear itself away. Suddenly Sekhmet's image appeared in front of him. She smiled at him with utmost affection. He tried to raise his hand to touch her but he was too weak. She commanded, "Rise Ramses. Fight and you will live. Rise Ramses. Lions don't die easily. Fight Ramses. Your people need you. Your father is relying on you to lead his people. Your father is relying on you."
Word of Ramses's death spread quickly within the Egyptian army. Declarations filled the field asserting his death. The Egyptian army's performance began to slowly die out. Ptah looked restlessly for Ramses but couldn't find him from the massive human debris on the ground. Ptah hopped on an Egyptian chariot that was unmanned and lifted one of his army flags. He raced through the field and yelled, "Fight! Fight! Stop retreating!" but to no avail. The army's fighting will was impaired at the news. 
Sekhmet's words pounded within Ramses's mind. At every time he came to a black out the words "Rise, Rise" revived him to awareness. "Sekhmet, I promised her that I will be back…" Sudden will came to him. His awareness gradually began recovering. His mothers strengthening words rounded up his willpower once again. In spite of his exhaustion he sat up. His teeth grinded with the suffering he felt as he grabbed the dagger and pulled it out of his chest. He stood up wavering and pulled his sword once again. Ptah coincidently saw him as his chariot raced through the fighting crowds. He halted his vehicle and raced towards him. 
"Ramses! Are you all right!" Ptah eyed his wound with a shriek. 
"It obviously isn't fatal." Ramses immediately blocked an attacking Hittite and inflicted a weak but fatal blow. The Hittite fell down kicking at his wound and crying. Ptah picked him up and rang his neck till it broke. He died instantly. Ptah looked around with alertness at Ramses who was swaying and said, "Rasmses we have to do something. Our army began retreating at news of your death."
Ramses looked about at the chaos around them as Ptah heaved a massive blow at three Hittites that ran up to them.
"Ptah get me two horses quickly." Ptah gave the three Hittites decisive blows and ran off.  In seconds he came back riding a horse and dragging another. A Hittite soldier ran up to Ramses and raised his sword to strike. Ramses blocked the attack while Ptah gashed his head open with a single sword blow. Ptah watched attentively as Ramses climbed on to one of the horse, "Ramses what are you thinking of!"
Ramses crouched while his left hand covered his wound. He managed in a breaking voice to say, "Ride Ptah and circulate the entire war field. I want you and all the high and low ranking commanders to scream out that I'm alive to everyone. We don't have any time, quickly. I will ride around and row up attention so my troops can make me out. This is our only hope to reverse the battle to our favor." 
Ptah screamed out, "You will be an easy target to their spears!!!"
Ramses answered, "We don't have another choice! Its either them or us, quickly"
Ptah raised his sword and so did Ramses. They both screamed out to attract attention and departed to perform their task. In a while the entire Hittite army became aware of the yelling that filled the field, "Ramses is alive, fight for Egypt! Ramses is alive, fight for Egypt!"
War cries and hails erupted in different spots as Ptah, Ramses and the commanders, who picked up easily on what was going on, circulated the entire battlefield. Ramses thought that the gods in the skies heard the upheavals as the war spirits of his army was regained. Scores of Hittite chariots went after him and Ptah to strike them down but Ptah keen mindedly headed towards his support plan. He quickly dashed out of the war zone. The Hittite soldiers followed unaware of the danger lurking a measurable distance away. Ptah waved to the reserved forces awaiting orders then turned towards the charging Hittites. The reserved army that ached with craving welcomed the invitation with enormous cries that tore through the skies and rushed with full appetite. They resembled a pack of famished lions unleashed on prey; five thousand chariots and fifteen thousand infantry followed with scores of soldiers on horses. The support team butchered the Hittite chariots in minutes and then smoothly dissolved within the turmoil of the battle field. The Tides turned and the Hittites were forced back. 
Ramses forgot his wounds at the elating turn. He and Ptah waved their army to press forward and pressure the retreating Hittites. The Hittites retreated with full force through the hilly terrains of Kadesh as massive numbers of their soldiers were struck down. Their chariots were almost all immobilized and their infantry soldiers were overwhelmed by the sudden support that flooded in. Ramses began to taste the fruits of victory as he saw his enemy's solidity falter. Ptah recaptured a chariot and began inflict head blows. The skulls cracked and the bodies fell by the dozens. Suddenly he brought his chariot to a stop. His extensive height gave him an advantage of sight. He caught a glimpse of fresh troops standing off at a distance behind the retreating Hittites. A wave of shock struck him. He yelled "Retreat!" repeatedly as loud as he could and shook a retreat flag high above him. The rest of the commanders sighted the waving flag. He signaled them to regroup their forces and hold their places. Ptah gave a sigh of relief as the commanders on chariots quickly waved similar flags and shouted like wise. Although in a time consuming maneuver, the Egyptian army miraculously regrouped and stood like an iron wall in front of their still retreating enemies, infantry first then chariots. Four hours of blood-curdling flesh tearing finally ended. The army started shouting, "Long live Egypt!!! Long live Pharaoh Ramses!!!” as it came to a full stop."
Ramses looked at the fresh troops that began a slow march in the distance. He could make out foreign banners. Ramses rode up on his chariot and approached Ptah in the front lines asking, "Why do I have a sudden feeling that Aleppo is here." 
Ptah answered, "We did receive a warning that Muwatallis has allies with him when our forts in Sidon and Tyre first fell."
Ramses watched carefully as he saw the massive forces slowly decrease the safety distance between them." Give your order to march at a slow pace also. When I see necessary I will give the orders to charge."
Ramses's wound beat at him. He careened a little to the right as the bolts of pain stormed within him. His body felt very warm and sweat covered him. "At what ever cost I have to withstand everything for my men and Egypt." He thought. He pressed hard at the wound and continued his march with his troops. He and Ptah were at the head of the forces. In the back lay ten commanding chiefs dispersed along the full front of the army. Then a row of twenty assisting commanders dispersed directly in front of the warriors. 
"We still have excellent troops at our hands. We can take them." Ptah assured as he looked around him for an instant of time and evaluated the multitude of soldiers marching with them. He rode at a steady pace, watching the endless rows of their adversaries group ahead of them.
The front lines of the Egyptian army, with its troops aligned closely, began banging their swords strongly together. In short moments the whole army did the same. At every march they took the tens of thousands of anxious soldiers released a sharp unanimous sword clatter that resembled a deafening thunder clap filling the atmosphere and causing the Hittite troops to come to a halt. Horns were signaled causing the opposing forces to slowly withdraw backwards a short distance. Ramses halted his troops. After a long pause three horsemen stood in a distance talking to each other. Their hands waved and gestured at their hot topic of discussion. They then simultaneously approached, trotting slowly towards him raising long tree branches full of green leaves. Ramses began reasoning that the massive fresh forces were made visible as a means to stop his army's charge. Four commanders with weapons drawn, slowly surrounded Ramses as the two parties met. 
The middleman of the party appeared to be a Hittite high ranking commander. He came down from his horse and gave Ramses a branch. Ramses understood that they just announced a truce. The commander saluted Ramses and rode off. Once they joined their troops they announced a general retreat. Hails rose from the Hittite and Egyptian army as the two armies retreated leaving the battlegrounds saturated with their blood. As his horse trotted on the terrain Ramses was sure of one thing. Kadesh for long centuries to come will scream out and tell of the carnage that happened on it fields.  
Isis's captors led her to the court in the residence and threw her on the ground in front of the throne. Four servants stood around her as she lied still on the ground with her torn robe. Sekhmet stood up dumbfounded at the unexpected event. Isis started crying as she felt the full shame of humiliation. She looked up at Sekhmet with her tearful eyes and begged slowly as if swallowing a bitter morsel of food, "Please my lady have mercy on your servant…"
Sekhmet asked, "She is supposed to be in Thebes laboring with the rest of the slaves. Where did you find her Satis?"
Satis answered while giving Isis a degrading look, "I found her at a slave selling. A wine bar owner had just bought her for his place. I offered him compensation for the price he paid but she begged him not to sell her and almost stripped naked to convince him."
Sekhmet opened her mouth in shock. She dismissed Satis and the servants. "If Seti was still alive he would have cut you up with his hands. Anybody tell you that you are an abomination to your brother's rule." 
Isis released a gasp at the news of her brother's death. She felt a terrible wave of pain tear her up. Her eyes filled with enormous tears as she collapsed crying like a child. 
Shocked by her tears some sympathy managed its way into Sekhmet's heart at her sobbing captive. Seti was still her brother. She didn't know that Isis hadn't found out yet. "Where they truly tears of repentance towards her brother though?" She thought. "And where was she hiding all this time? The whole empire heard of Its Pharaoh's death." 
She said in a calm manner while still maintaining some royal formality in her voice as she remembered her personal grieving and tears, "We all cried at his death. Saying my farewells to him was the hardest thing that I ever experienced."
Isis exclaimed, "I wanted to apologize to him! I wanted to tell him how much I was sorry for what I did!" Isis started beating the grounds with her hands and yelling, "I wanted to be reunited once again with him and I prayed for a chance to tell him that the gods have punished me well for my bad deeds. I wanted his pardoning…" Isis fell into pained long crying. 
Isis's break down tore away any defenses in Sekhmet's heart. She kneeled down and embraced her between her arms. She said softly, "He was an excellent ruler. He is savoring the comforts of his after life." 
Isis cuffed her neck with her hands and said, "I can't handle the regrets within me. They are choking me. The gods are punishing me again! They took him away before I can ask his forgiveness. I'm left with my guilty feelings, unwashed from them till death!" Isis turned away from Sekhmet and stood up. She shouted at her, "It's your entire fault Sekhmet! My life is falling to pieces because of you!"
Sekhmet stood up arguing back, "What does it take to convince you that I loved your brother. Your brother was and will remain the most important figure in my entire life. Let me ask you something, do you think I would have dared refuse his will as a servant in his palace? He would have slain me on the spot Isis! You know well that he is not the type of person that would accept refusal. You know how stubborn he got when he put his mind to anything."
Isis said bitterly, "Even if you stood here explaining till tomorrow my heart will not be able to release its resentment for you. You don't know what you put me through. You tore away my pride as princess of these lands."
"I pity you. Your heart is full of hate and jealousy and will never live in peace, just like your lover." Sekhmet returned to the throne and regrouped her majestical attitude. She ordered, "Guards,"
Isis immediately replied, "All I want is to be left alone!  Just let me go Sekhmet. Please. I will go far away where no one will see me again. Just let me go! That is all what I want."
Sekhmet gestured for the guards, "This is not for me to decide. It is true that Seti is dead, but these lands have a new Pharaoh. Ramses will be here soon and will decide on your case."
Two soldiers approached Isis. She quickly withdrew a sword from one of the soldiers and jumped a few paces back. "No body touch me or else!"
The two soldiers backed off. Two other nearby soldiers approached their mates and stood trying to pick out an opportunity to seize her. Sekhmet watched in panic as Isis swung the sword threatening everyone with it. She ran up to the row and gave orders to the soldiers to halt any assault. 
Isis exclaimed bitterly, "Sekhmet ever since you came in to our family and I've found it hard not to taste humiliation; a mere slave that I used to order to bring me my shoes, prepare my food and wine. And the misery you brought me was not enough for you. You knew how to punish me well for my disloyalty. You stripped me of any pride in my lands. You whipped me and locked me in a prison. My body slept on the grounds and was prey for filthy insects to run and nest on. I tasted famine and thirst on the way to Thebes; dust and mud withered my skin that was always nourished on the best perfumes…I, A NOBLE PRINCESS TRANSFORMED INTO A HARLOT FOR THE SOLDIERS THAT USED TO KNEEL DOWN AT MY FEET AND SERVE ME!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME SEKHMET!!! WHY CAN'T YOU LET ME GO? DO YOU WISH TO CRUSH ME MORE?!!!I CAN'T LIVE ANYMORE IN SHAME!!!"
Deep feelings of regret and pity thundered in Sekhmet's chest again at what Isis was saying. She walked towards her slowly saying, "Isis, put down the sword, I never hated you. I hated your thoughts and actions. I hated your conspiracy to kill Seti… His love for you never changed a bit. He pained at your evil intensions when he heard your conspiracy but deep inside he always loved you. You are free to go just put down the sword…" Sekhmet felt that she was in total instability and confusion. Her inner wisdom was totally withered and collapsing at what she was facing. She didn't have a clue if pardoning Isis was right or wrong but she felt it was what should be done. Isis shook the sword at Sekhmet who stopped at the gesture, "Stay where you are. Don't come near me. Pity is the last thing I need from you. I'm a princess with no hope for the future or pride; what is my real value as I stand abused and at the mercy of my ex-servant and my soldiers?"
Isis witnessing a total sense of depression and nervous collapse raised the sword and stabbed herself firmly in the stomach. Sekhmet shook hysterically and gave a very loud cry at the sight of the blood that sprayed the grounds and guards in front of her. Isis swayed like a drunkard and released a torture scream. Bolts of pain shot through her as her body released violent spasms. Her face beamed with shock and disbelief as the impact of her doing rocked her mind. She looked up at Sekhmet and took a couple of unbalanced steps towards her. She said with a terror stricken voice, "Sekhmet, are you happy now?" Her strength drained in an instant and she fell down to the ground. Everything around her blurred. She saw obscure objects moving about her then there was nothing but complete darkness and silence.
The guards backed away as Sekhmet ran up to Isis and knelt down. She embraced her body and wept severely. This was a moment where there was no winner or loser, no traitor or loyalist. It was a moment where her conscience moved to life at the strife of her helpless victim. Isis fought bravely the consequences of the tyranny of her decisions and died as nobly as a queen could; trying to preserve the bits and pieces of what was left of her honor at defeat. Sekhmet closed Isis's eyes and cried out madly, "Don't think you have left me without punishment!!! Justice will be served!!! You left me within the merciless grasp of my conscience as well!!! Its' entirely my fault!!! I should have forgiven you a long while ago!!!"



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