Nightmare In Egypt…Part 9/ Feras Werr

“Please Lord forgive me!!!" her mind screamed as she knelt on her knees eyeing the bank statement in her hand. Forty five thousand dollars were deposited last week in her account as per the agreement against information about a colleague at NYSD. There was no contact person at first, just a telephone call asking for her services for a handsome some of money. When she accepted, the next day a bulky figure in full black showed himself at her doorstep, head wrapped well with a scarf, with only red sharp eyes apparent. He gave her a down payment of five thousand plus a paper with a drop off address and left her apartment. It was supposed to happen at a coffee shop near her building. “Keep the file behind you on the table and leave, implying that you forgot it.” The instructions read. “We will pick it up.”
The money offered was so enticing and for a couple of papers; an innocent tradeoff that would render her rich for some time, with no one hurt. One week later the film arrived to NYSD. The pain she felt while watching the consequence of her doings was not at all anticipated. Her conscience barbecued her mercilessly. This was what she truly cashed from her tradeoff, the life of her colleague. “Please Lord forgive me!!!” her conscience screamed continuously. “I never meant to harm anyone.” She reasoned. Surely Lord you are the Lord of intensions as well and will forgive me. Tears surfaced in her eyes as her mouth exclaimed, “Please father forgive me for I have sinned!!!”
The chants of the female nun’s choir sounded and echoed within the mighty walls of St. Patricks cathedral heralding evening mass, as Father Immanuel Jose while sensing Tracy’s despair answered with a compassionate tone of voice, “There is nothing that the Lord cannot forgive. The rest depends on us to resist sinning.”
“Please father help me, my conscience is grinding my patience. I am the direct cause of my colleague’s murder.”
Father Immanuel eyed the hazy figure that knelt behind the barrier of the confession booth. Her confession truly came as a shock to him and left him speechless for a second’s time. He heard a lot about other priests that came across such situations and how they advised to go to the police with such info. But in reality things were truly different. This person’s tone of voice was honest and full of repent.
“I want you to hand over your worries to the Lord at least for the mean time, relax and tell me what happened.”
Tracy answered in a frustrated tone of voice, “I traded her file in for some money for the services of a total stranger. The handsome some of money enticed me into betraying the honor code of my profession as a police officer. She was massacred while doing her duty as an undercover agent because of the info I gave in…” Tracy broke down into tears and cried as father Immanuel stood in the booth dumbfounded by her explanation.
“I didn’t know it would turn out that serious. I didn’t know…the figure offered was so enticing…I don’t know how I could compensate for my selfish and evil actions. Please father help me. I even have thought about committing suicide so I can run away from my guilty conscience…”
“My dear you have done something extremely vicious and brutal. You just handed yourself to the service of the devil. Jesus Christ said in the Bible that money is the cause of all evil. Had you guarded your weaknesses with Christ’s words you wouldn’t be in this situation at all. This church here is part of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and no one here will condemn you for your evil doings but him. Are you aware that you have repeated David’s sin in the Old Testament but in a different way? Do you know what he did?”
“I rarely read the Bible father.”
“A general in his big army had a very attractive wife. David coveted his wife and in order to have her plotted an evil plan. Sorrowfully her beauty blinded him into any logical thinking and he placed that general in the front lines of his army in an approaching battle in hopes of him dying. The general did die but King David was scolded by a prophet of the Lord for his doing and his conscience had no mercy on him. He spent the remainder of his life praying and begging the Lord for forgiveness. The Psalms are his writing in the Old Testament and they are all full of prayers presented to the Lord for forgiveness. Everybody commits mistakes and sins. To the Lord there is no big sin or small sin. A sin is a sin my dear. Pray a lot to the Lord and ask for his enlightenment and forgiveness so your soul will not get forsaken from the Lord’s mercies. The Lord asked us not to fear who has authority over the flesh but to fear who has authority over the flesh and soul. The decent thing to do is hand yourself over to the police and pray that the Lord will lighten your path with his forgiveness and mercy. I cannot advise you otherwise. If you are truly honest with the Lord and regretful of your doings, he will inform you of ways to compensate for your ill doing. Our Lord is a mighty Lord, not just with his power, but with his love also. I will pray for you my dear.”
Tracy got up from the booth and walked slowly towards the cathedral’s door that was slightly ajar. As she was about to exit, she turned around and looked at the priest who stood besides the booth smiling back at her; a very tall young man, probably a fresh graduate who truly was full of the grace of Christ’s service and priesthood. He drew a cross towards her direction with his hand and sped inwards into the church to take part in service.
Tracy took in a deep breath and stepped out of the church to meet the rain showers that were flooding the streets once again. The rain drops released rapid soft thuds as they hammered the umbrellas that guarded the pedestrians strolling to and fro around her. She paced the sidewalk fervently thinking about father Immanuel’s words, “The Lord asked us not to fear who has authority over the flesh but to fear who has authority over the flesh and soul… The decent thing to do is hand yourself over to the police…” But she could get life or the death sentence for her doing!!! The mafia she was involved with wouldn’t leave her a second in peace, not even in prison, if they felt she was going public with what happened. Every single door was blocked in her face. The priest was correct. Had she guarded herself with decency and just said no to the caller, things might have had a different turn.
Suddenly the air around filled with wild horns. Powerful lights blinded her as she looked towards the hooting. It was coming straight towards her. Before she could even budge she felt her body smash into it and hurl towards the floor. Darkness and silence dominated her world.
            It was situated at the Lower East Side, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, built forty years ago at a height of six stories and once hosted families of the immigrants that came to the US. Presently it suffered from old age and stood peacefully in its place waiting for demolition, the first in a city plan to be completed in the near future for replacement with low cost housing development. David knew that its demolition was delayed several times by the mayor, the reasons being that the families that occupied the immediate neighboring buildings had to be evacuated first lest the demolitions place their aged buildings in danger. However it seemed the timeout had another reason as the truck he was riding took a hard turn from Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive into the slums and parked besides a series of wide open garages that were at its ground floor.
            As they descended their truck and walked towards the stores David opened his mouth in awe at the worksite he saw. The stores were approximately seven hundred meters square in size with high ceilings giving him the impression that they were tailored especially for their storage purposes. The immediate upper floor was available also with the same storage area. The forklifts unloading the bulk sugar had access to it through wide connecting ramps.
            Soon Ivan placed his big hand on David's shoulders awakening him from his surprise. "You and me have work to do David," he said in his crisp Russian accent. David smiled back and said, "Yes sir. I'm at your service."
            He guided David into the stores saying, "You know David. I need a strong alert man like you to guard these stores. You will have small private quarters with a bathroom where you will sleep here during the night and act as its guard. During the day time our storekeeper will be present to conduct his duties for the receipt and loading of goods. Is that clear David?" I want you to be alert around the clock for any emergencies. The owner of the company is very generous towards his faithful." Ivan's eyes widened and his head knodded as he assured David of his future prizes. He knew that David's likes adored the smell of green bucks and was sure that he gave him the proper enticement for his loyalties.
            David spotted thick rods of iron that were about a meter in length lying a few feet away at the side of one of the entrances. He walked up to them and looked at Ivan. He picked three of them together and placed his hands at their sides. They were a handful together and posed a challenge to his well built muscles, but nevertheless, he could do it. His muscles expanded and flexed terrifically as the steel rods began to bend under his force. Within seconds they resembled a U shaped arch. He threw them away and walked back to Ivan.
            Ivan smiled satisfied and commented, "I get the message David. It looks like we will be able to achieve a lot of good things together. Can you handle a gun?"
            David replied impulsively, "Perfectly sir."
            Ivan's looks changed at David's answer and asked, "How is that?"
            David stuttered for a few seconds while his wits worked full throttle for a convincing answer. He immediately sparked with a reply, "The streets teach you everything sir."
            "What about the wounds in your face and arm," Ivan looked carefully at his cheeks then grabbed his arm and inspected the mean scar.
            "It was a fight. Listen sir, I spent a year in prison because I roughed up somebody who cussed my mother."
            Ivan gave a big roar of laughter at David who found it hard not to giggle at Ivan's response. "Really David, you can't expect me to believe this. Now tell me what happened."
            "Look, it was dough. I lost big time in a gambling game to a rich man and failed to pay off. One day four of his boys blocked my path while I was going home. Although they roughed me up really bad I got two with my knife and ran away. I knew a nurse who was able to help me out without any police nosiness."
            "A word of advice. If you prove to be loyal to us you will take part on a big trek we are taking to Jordan in the Middle East in a few days. The owner of our firm needs loyal men."
            David assured in a confident tone of voice, "I promise to give you a reason to take me with you…"
            In an instant an Impala gave a rowdy parking at the entrance of the stores. The chauffer stepped out and ran towards them, stopping a small distance away. "Ivan!"
            Ivan dismissed himself and took the man a distance away. David watched as the man seemed terribly distressed while talking to Ivan. Within seconds Ivan began yelling curses as the man ran towards the car.
            "David wait for me here! I will come back in half an hour!"
            David watched as the tires of the Impala screeched while it took off. Something happened. Hopefully he will find out soon.
            Tracy's eyes opened as she gradually regained her conscience. She felt the pain of a thousand knives surge through her body. The grounds she was lying on were swirling around her in quick circles. "What happened?" She kept asking herself. "Where am I?"
            It was no more than a huge cubed room with a chair and a bureau in it in a far corner. It had an open trap door in its ceiling with a rope hanging down from it all the way to her back side. Suddenly she got up. A huge wave of terror stormed down her body. Her hands were tied behind her back. She was only able to limp a couple of feet around herself, as her right leg seemed fractured. It hurt her tremendously. A huge open trap door rested a small distance away from her. It crashed down on her instantly.
"PLEASE LET ME GO!!!" She screamed out loud. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!"
 "Nothing!" Answered a Russian accented gentlemen from above. "Absolutely nothing. You were just in the wrong place when our car hit you in the street."
"THEN LET ME GO!!! PLEASE!!!" Her screeches of mercy echoed superbly within the room but only to find the rope raise her up a meter above the grounds then move her towards the trap door.
Her screaming was followed by a royal roar that made her spine chill. Her voice awakened the kings. As she moved towards the trap door she was able to see their vicious smiles and wild dances from the beams of light that the open trap door was allowing. Another wild roar sent her screaming uncontrollably with horror. "MERCY, I WILL DO ANYTING YOU WANT, JUST LET ME GO!!!"
The more she screamed the more the beasts danced and roared. As the rope began to lower her towards the trap door she shook involuntarily with shock. She helplessly thought in panic, "Dear Lord, if this is your way to make me pay for my mistake then let it be…"
Suddenly her mind glowed with an idea. "Yes of course it might work." She had nothing to lose.
She raised her knees up to her chest then kicked them backwards. A small pendulum motion began swinging her body back and forth. Her heart beats raced with hope. She repeated the action feeding the pendulum motion with more energy, making her body sway more strongly back and forth, the descending rope giving her more swinging room. A fourth and fifth attempt made her body swing strongly like a seesaw till her high heels touched the end of the trap door. She quickly shuffled her legs till her calves were over the trap door. However her body swayed downwards making her hang by her calves. The kings roared viciously as they saw her dangle from the trap door giving the giant the impression that she was food. Within a minute's time he was right above her, his face shooting with alarm. "You are one tough bitch!" He awkwardly knelt down and hovered over her. As he hastily attempted to pick her legs to drop her back into the dungeon Tracy smartly kicked her right leg up and placed it on his shoulder. Pressing her right leg on his shoulder firmly for balance, she kicked up the other leg and locked both her legs around his head. "And I'm going to eat your liver you bastard!"
Ivan shuffled restlessly till he stood up heaving her up with him and screaming with pain as she squeezed her legs around his head. "You Bitch, I will show you!!!" he threatened and cried madly while she twisted him sideways till he was wobbling about. She used her strong stomach muscles to sit up and jerk herself off till she was on the floor away from the trap door. With one strong double kick from his strong opponent dazzled Ivan lost his balance and was swinging for control on the trap door. Within seconds he was falling in but was swift enough to grab the edge of the trap door.
The kings released gigantic roars that made Tracy's soul flood with awe. Ivan looked up at Tracy as she stood up from the floor and begged her restlessly for help, "Please help me, please, I will do anything for you but please help me up!!!"
Tracy gave him a sharp loathsome look for a moment's time as he hung, legs wobbling, like fish helplessly caught in a fisher's rod. His eyes suddenly widened as he eyed her hovering over him. "The tides have turned, haven't they servant of hell!"
Tracy answered with bitterness, "This time you messed with the wrong person. Just like you dropped Diana Summers in the den you heartless filthy beast. I will make you taste her same fate. Diana was my colleague. I hope you learned some fighting lessons from me to use with your lions. SWAT training." Ivan's face turned red from the rising tension and yelled out, "I beg you have mercy on me, hand me over to the cops, give me any licking you want, do anything you want with me but don't drop me, please, quickly I'm getting tired,"
Tracy explained calmly as if discussing the weather with a friend, "Don't worry. There are two possibilities. The first one is that it’s about a thirteen foot drop, so when you fall you might die when your body hits the dungeon floor, and then you won't feel them when they eat your flesh. Of course…" She paused and gave him an ironic smile, "The second…oh is not so nice, you might stay alive despite the strong fall…and I hope that is what happens because you will feel them take a couple of good tears off of your body before you die you barbarian."
His left hand slipped from its place leaving him hanging by his right hand. His yelling turned into hysterical helpless screeching arousing wild roars from the kings once more. Tracy firmly dipped the tip of her pointed high heels on his hand and twisted it around making him scream with pain and release his grip.
The kings welcomed their ripe luncheon with roars that shook Tracy with mesmerizing terror. Her powerful knees that seconds' ago were testing her opponent's iron strength weakened like dough and made her kneel at the sounds that bolted from the dungeon of hell. The beams of light that the trap door allowed were enough to show her the dreadful end of Ivan. He fell directly on the back of one of the kings then bounced off to the grounds. His tortured yells thundered through the premises as one of the kings lifted his paw and beat his upper body with it. The flesh of his body tore away making his guts spill out. Rivers of blood splashed on the walls and grounds underneath. His body bounced back and forth like a play ball between the beastly players as they tore him to shreds. Within a minute all was over and nothing was heard but the rough sounds of the kings feasting at Ivan's dead meat. 
Tracy's heart beats raced wildly with fear and panic. Unbelieving that she was still alive tears came to her eyes. She wept her fears away and prayed, "I had my lesson Lord. If this is your way to punish me it worked Lord. I was about to die from fear alone. Thank you for making me live and not punish me like this. I promise you to keep after those people till I make them fall with their disgusting crimes dear God." She deeply thanked the Lord for his mercies on her. Shortly she savored some comfort and began searching for the mini Swiss Knife she always kept with her. It was in her breast pocket of her shirt. She moved towards the bureau in the room and squeezed her chest against it making the Swiss Knife move upwards in her pocket and drop on the edge of the bureau. She turned around and grabbed it with her hands. Opening it and using it was very easy from then on. Within a minutes time her hands were free.
The sounds of steps caught her attention. She dashed behind the door of the chambers as a man wearing a chauffeur's uniform entered calling for Ivan. "Ivan!...Ivan!...what is taking you so long!" She noted the bulge at the right side of his waist. She dashed towards him and circled his neck with her left arm while swiftly disarming him with her right. It was a revolver.
"Who the hell are you!!!" the man screamed panicking with her grip. She pushed the pistol at his back making him freeze in his place. I was the supposed meal for your beasts you pig."
"Don't shoot me please." The man pleaded. He was soft as dough in her arms.
She continued comfortably, "But guess who went down there instead of me. If you don't want to be next take me to the closest telephone." The man yelled with surprise "Ivan! It was him yelling!"
Tracy threatened, "So What will it be," And shoved the man towards the dungeon. "STOP PLEASE!!!"
"MOVE IT!!!"
He moved ahead of Tracy obediently towards the door and took her up a stairway. Very soon they entered into a long corridor that had what seemed like a spacious living room up ahead. The man opened an office to her but attempted to take a mad dash through the long corridor towards the living room ahead. Tracy quickly aimed at his right leg and successfully shot him crippling him to the floor. He yelled with pain as his blood filled the floor underneath him. The shooting action summoned a second man that appeared at the entrance of the living room. He drew his weapon alarmed at the sight of his mate. Tracy's superb aiming skills helped her shoot his hand that had his gun making him dance around with pain. She bolted into the office and locked the door behind her panting and praying that she can manage herself through this mess. She picked up the phone to call NYSD for back up….but where was she? Suddenly a loud hooting caught her attention in the backgrounds…it was the hooting of a sea liner. She peeked out of the office window and checked the surrounding houses and street. She recognized the premises about and called for backup immediately.  
Within minutes there were heavy thuds violently rattling the office door. Her heart beats were racing wildly with panic and her head was fervently searching for solutions. She was in a mansion that was full of armed personnel all alone with limited ammo. Her survival rates were very low. Suddenly an open glass closet caught her attention that had two shot guns and ammo in it. She ran up to it while watching the door that began to break underneath the pressure. She loaded one of the shot guns quickly and hid some ammo in her pockets as the door finally broke open. She pointed the shot gun at the open entrance immediately. Two bulky men appeared with pistols pointed straight at her. But they were no match for the pump action that tore at them. Tracy pulled the trigger at one of the men. Within a fraction of a second his head blew in half resembling an open watermelon; his brain and flesh splashing all around. A second round tore through the other man's guts and sent him flying a meter back smacking on the corridor wall behind him. Tracy reloaded the shotgun and prayed within herself in the office, "I hope back up arrives soon!"   



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