To our beloved and most respectable teacher and educator... Mr. Antoine Sebaalani/ Raymond Abi-Arraj

I was amazed and I could not believe what I read in your message to his Beatitude Patriarch Beshara El Raii in the time of Pope Francis ... both keen advocates of the truth and fairness...
Is it right that your legitimate case is still pending, despite the passage of more than a quarter of a century? 
Is it conceivable that your rightful case is still on the shelves in a country which claims to hold the cradle of all laws? 
Is it possible that your honorable case is undermined and belittled in the country of honor and dignity? 
Is it possible that the injustice which distressed you and your family was caused and propagated by those who were supposed to protect you?
Along with about seventy lawyers who defended and advocated for your stolen rights and by whom? ..... And despite their shameful deeds... we, from the other part of the world…Australia ... the country that values and highly respects its teachers…we cry out to His Beatitude and Eminence Patriarch El Raii whom we long to meet very soon, during his first visit to Australia ... and he will undoubtedly listen to our just and legitimate plea from afar ... 
Our dearest and beloved teacher ... You are forever in our minds.... We love you and we ask God to prolong your life and to grant you good health and lots of needed energy ... with our most sincere greetings to you, to Lady Georgette and to all the 



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