Regarding the European Parliament determining that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization

Thursday 25th July 2013  

H.E. The president
The European Parliament

Your Excellency,
Regarding the European Parliament determining that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) being a dedicated partner of the European parliament in the struggle against terrorism in Lebanon in particular and in the Middle East region in general, indeed throughout the world, takes this opportunity to extend our congratulations and continued support to the European parliament for demonstrating the courage to take this difficult decision of determining Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

There can be no doubt that Hezbollah has been the root cause of intimidation, assassinations and terrorist aggression against the people of Lebanon and other communities in the region and beyond.

It has blatantly refused and never had the intention of complying with United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1559, but rather, it has applied a calculated campaign of intimidation threatening the civil society of Lebanon and its neighbors and deeply into Europe in its quest for domination and supremacy. It has executed its ruthless charge for power without any regard for human dignity and civil rights. Further, Hezbollah is not a nation, does not democratically represent the people or the government of Lebanon and thus cannot solely determine to drag the people of Lebanon into a war with Israel or with Syria or any other country.
It is merely a ferocious terrorist organization developed by the axis of evil of Iran and Syria. Having grown out of control and wreaking havoc upon the people of Middle East, it must be stopped.

The WCCR wishes, once again, to congratulate the European Parliament for the courage and conviction of this historic stand. We further request that you kindly impress upon the United Nations Security Council to follow suit and make the same determination.
A Partner with you in the struggle for peace,


Joseph P Baini




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