Mr Shaoquett Moselmane says—
I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move:
1) That this house note that:
a) Mr Peter (Boutros) Indari passed away on 26 May 2012.
b) Mr Indari was a pioneer of the Arabic press and ethnic community media in Australia.
c) Throughout his career, Mr Indari founded, co-founded and edited a number of leading Arabic newspapers in Australia, including El-Telegraph, An-Nahar and Asharq.
d) Mr Indari was a well-respected political writer and was renowned for his series of articles titled "Lest We Forget", which were published over a period of twenty years and collected in a book under the same title, published by An-Nahar Newspaper in Sydney during 2001.
e) Mr Indari grew up in the village of Metrit, Lebanon, arriving in Australia at the age of 16.
f) Peter (Boutros) Indari is survived by his wife Lamia, and his three children Ziad, Imad, and Hanan.
2) That this House notes the contribution of Mr Indari to the Arabic community media in New South Wales, and notes that a memorial in his name will be held on the 2nd of May 2013.



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