An uplifting inspiration in every Apostolic Exhortation/ HAMID AOUAD

Lebanon is designed as a safe haven to nurture a dynamic, resourceful, creative and faithful people.
Its biblical land of enduring, tenacious and imperishable cedars became a cradle for a bliss nascent from the "cross-pollination" of myriad civilizations.
The harmony and coherence of peaceful and collaborative coexistence in this earthly heaven survived many clashes stemming from the influence of atrocious intrusions of conflicting political, dogmatic and confessional bigotry and "exorcism".
Regrettably, the vicious crimes committed by mobs of maniacs whose brains were loaded and saturated with hatred and aggressive beliefs are terrorizing the targeted groups and pushing the survivors to reluctantly leave their homeland and seek safe refuge abroad.
Among those Christians were the most vulnerable victims who under constant duress and despair were displaced or moved out of their land.
The Christians in Lebanon, whose demography and geography are shrinking, are regarded as the backbone of those living in the middle-East.
Christians of Lebanon are a pillar of its foundation and an active and indispensable component of its social fabric.
Without Christians Lebanon loses its "raison d'être" (reason of existence), its luster, role and humanistic vocation.
That is why Pope John Paul II and his successor Pope Benedict XVI summoned the bishops of the oriental churches to convene in two synods to discuss how to cope with hardships and challenges the Christians and their churches are facing in the Middle-East.
The outcome of each synod was redacted and issued in a Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation of the Special Assembly for the Middle East ( "New hope for Lebanon" by Pope John Paul II and "Ecclesia in Medio Oriente" by Pope Benedict XVI) signed during a ceremony in the Basilica of St Paul, Harissa, by each Pope during a visit to Lebanon ( Pope John Paul II on May 10-11, 1997; Pope Benedict XVI on 14-16 Sep. 2012), to give righteous counsel about strengthening faith, adhering to the church teaching, supporting justice, respecting human dignity and fostering brotherly relationship with fellow citizens.
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI framed the Exhortation with "the light of this Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross" which raises the specter of the Paschal Mystery and transforms "our sufferings into a declaration of love for God and mercy for our neighbour".
He also urged the faithfuls to "stand firm in truth and in purity of faith", cling to hope, dwell in their homeland and maintain the role of peace makers and earnest advocates of mutual concord.
His meeting with religious leaders from other denominations highlights the call for a communion of tolerance, respect, reciprocal entente and collaboration.
"The Exhortation shows openness to authentic interreligious dialogue based on faith in the one God, the Creator."
Each Exhortation propagates an encouraging and soothing message that transcend local population to become universally welcomed, pondered, observed and cherished not only by Lebanese and middle eastern people but by every human being.
Every country is moving, at varied pace, on the same path that Lebanon evolves on.
Therefore the success of the Lebanese life journey is in the interest of every country because its own is eventually destined to the same fate.
Discernment, percipience, compassion, support for freedom, justice and Human Rights.
Discernment, percipience, compassion, support for freedom, justice and Human Rights.



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