Leadership/ Sandra Kaltoum

Leadership…It is a very involved term representing many different traits and personal qualities. It is very difficult to predict good leaders due to the unending power hungriness associated with success and authority. Power can be harnessed for either bad or good, and on some level, both.
Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the National Student Leadership Forum. This forum is run annually to promote certain qualities in young members of the community. My attendance was sponsored by Mr Joseph Assaf, author of In Someone Else’s Shoes, a novel that explores the beauty of multiculturalism and the power of diversity for the advancement of business and society in general.
The forum focuses on the qualities of leadership that are desirable for tomorrow’s people of power. The theme, faith and values, encourages youth to embrace their ideals and identify what dreams are important to them. From this discovery, youth were encouraged to apply themselves in relevant fields and attain the success they desire.
Many speakers addressed the forum about the various leadership paths and the differences in approaches to success. We were told that there were those who strived for financial, community, political, social and humanitarian success. All are paths worth pursuing, depending on the ambitions of the individual.
The experience was enlightening. I met many young people who had been through and achieved so much. I was humbled by other people’s experiences. I was personally inspired by the address of Brian Egan, founder of the charitable association, Aussie Helpers, who spoke to us about his past experiences and the adversity he faced that was overcome by persistence and a desire to help people. Brian started his charity after suffering from depression caused by the financial hardships farmers faced as a result of the Australian drought. He had $20 in his pocket and a vision that he could release people from the suffering he went through. The initial $20 and noble vision has since grown into a charitable association that has, to date, assisted over 3000 Australian farming families. Brian inspired and encouraged those present to not underestimate their influence. Everybody can make a difference if they will it and apply their talents and energies to a particular cause.
Leadership creates power and breeds responsibility. We were taught that in order to succeed, one must have strong faith and values, a strong sense of self and a determination to do what they believe is right.



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