Lebanon Carnival at Darling Harbour

Life has been quite hectic???
I often think about you & the great achievements that you have done [you share through Emails] & still delivering on much higher level every day of the year I admire your energy immensely;
Elie, someone like yourself will never grow old, may you always be blessed with great health & super agility, keep on kicking those heels ;);)..
Love to catch up very soooooonnnnn... Fadwa XX.

Clr Fadwa Kebbe JP
Canterbury City Council

Hello Elie,

My name is Karen White and I am a writer for Weekend Notes, which is a website that offers readers ideas of things to do around Sydney.

I have published a story on the Lebanon Carnival at Darling Harbour that you have organised and this is the link to the page that it appears on -
My articles regularly receive thousands of clicks so I hope that we are able to help bring further awareness to your organisation.

It would be very much appreciated if you could also post a link to the article on your website for your readers to see.

I wish you the very best for your Carnival and for your organisation.


Karen White



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