Autumn leaves/ Muayud Jumah Ismaeel Rimawi

The autumn leaves falling down
But in no place
What is left of my soul
Touching the bottom of my heart
And caressed the remainder of the separated memories
distribute my pain and folded pages
which continues to falling down......
To remind me every day experienced without you
The dust of memories going through my days
Between love died in the last Valuableness
And my heart refuses to love just you
i Loved you, although I know you are not mine
But in love there is no choice
Madam, this eternal love
which never been escaped from
Despite the torment and the absence
And if i returned in time
and the decision was in my hands
i would love you again
cause your love is my destiny
Despite the bitterness of refraction
and your brusqueness exceeded all limits
And severity of your heart constantly
Despite that, my inspiration
your love to me is a victory
And no matter how long time
i will never give up to wait

Palestinian poet and writer



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