Julia.. Julia our PM

This is promising to be the most important election in Australian History. It is your decision whether you pass this on or not.

Congratulations Julia for making it to the position of Prime Minister. Proof that Australia really is a country where fairy tales can come true.
But now Australian's must make a decision, not based on whether or not Julia is a women, but based on who Julia is as a person, and what she represents for this Country, other than the scripted, tired old rhetoric that she recites at every opportunity. Judge a person not on what they say, but on what they represent by the way they have lived their life.

She was Kev's best mate, most loyal deputy, a key part of the government for the past three years, while she played a large part in enacting changes in our Employment Laws that now make it almost impossible for a Small business operator to sack an Employee that is sub-standard, but with the help of her powerful Left Wing Unionist Power Brokers, removed our Prime Minister his staff and his family not only from their jobs, but their offices and in some cases homes with less than 12 hours notice.

She has been Deputy leader of the Australian Labour Party and often Acting Prime Minister for 3 years. She has, according to her own words, worked as hard as any Politician in Australia to make the place better for all Australians. Her achievements includes a spending spree by the labour government that is unrivalled in our history and will take a generation to repay. What did it buy? Well just a few major implementations of her government for the past three years include, the catastrophic Insulation debacle, that has seen ordinary Australian's killed. Millions of dollars spent on idle Climate change staff and buildings to house them with no climate change policy to implement and keep them busy....money wasted, environment ignored. Completely out of control with the protection of our borders, only to now change Labour's policy back to where John Howard had it years ago. In her first act as Prime Minister, Julia hurriedly took credit for a deal that was nearly completed by Kevin Rudd with the major Miners and then sold its merits to her faithful by simply changing the parameters by it will be measured. That is to say that her first act as Prime Minister is one of absolute deception...not a claim, but a fact that will become clear in the near future if she gets her chance to implement it.

She's not Australian, she's not married, she's not a mother, she has put her own journey ahead of any family values, which is fine unless every second breath you take is to espouse your support and representation of ordinary Australian families. You will not find a wife or parent at her acceptance speech as Prime Minister. There will be no family portraits at the dais, showing an individual who has fought their way to the top whilst juggling Spousal and Parental duties, understanding firsthand what it means to be part of an Australian family. Just a self serving, ex-lawyer, who with an awful lot of practice, will say anything to obtain more power for her faction.

She proudly strode into the Governor General's office to be sworn in as our leader and refused to put her hand on the bible. She has since admitted she is an Atheist. She does not believe in a deity. This may or may not mean a lot to you, but it does beg the question, exactly what does she believe in? Seventy four percent of Australians believe in a God, or the existence of some form of Deity. What does Julia believe in? Is she a disciple of Tom Cruise and thinks that we were put here by Aliens or is she prepared to admit to an allegiance with humans descended from Monkeys crowd. Don't let this matter be dismissed with the standard, Politics and Religion don't mix banter. This is about how our leader thinks. This country was founded, built, prospered and defended with the lives of thousands of brave Australian men and women with solid Christian Values. To endorse this woman is to hand over control of these values to somebody who has proudly stated that she thinks the other 74% of Australians are all delusional, less intelligent, confused individuals. Sounds like a lawyer doesn't it?

Voters, You have the future of our Country in Your Hands. Get past the slippery sales routines, the political rhetoric and the romance that a woman is in the top job. Look at the person, look at what she has done and what she represents......then cast your vote.



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