To Pope Yousab II

 by  Nazir Gayed

(HH Pope Shenouda III before going into monastic life) 

Translated in Australia

To Pope Yousab II
We offer our great respect to your apostolic position. One of the weekly political newspapers published a very dangerous article and if it is true, the heart of everyone, who loves God will melt out of worry and care that the souls of our congregation shall not perish. But we say that this article in the newspaper by itself if it is true, is enough to shake heaven and earth with a great earthquake.
This article states that one of the servants for the papal residence is selling the thrones of the diocese to the highest bidder, starting at 5000 pounds and whoever pays more takes the position of bishop of the diocese.
You o our father are the head of the shepherds who have been entrusted with the millions of souls of the congregation, to lead them to the kingdom of God and save them from eternal perishing.
Your holiness knows that the canons of the holy apostles is very clear as it says: "any bishop or priest or deacon who obtains any rank of priesthood through Bribe of money or promised to give money that he be given a priestly rank or uses cunning and deceptive ways to get a priestly rank, the rank he is given is void.
He is counted as a heathen and he is cursed and is excommunicated and is cast out of the church of God and everyone should be away from him as St PETER the apostle did with SIMON the sorcerer and excommunicated him from the church of God by the order of the Holy Spirit.
You o our father do not need anyone to remind you of these holy canons of the apostles.
Is it true o our father that among our shepherds there are those who do not highly respect or take those curses and excommunications seriously???
Is it true o our father that among our shepherds the king of kings and Lord of Lords entrusted for our souls for whom the Lord died on the cross and the canons of the holy apostles put upon his shoulders the responsibility of the congregation; is anyone of them who bought these positions for money as was the intention of SIMON the sorcerer whom the curse came upon.
Is there among our shepherds one like judas Iscariot. Please our Lord don't allow it.
We need from your holiness an urgent clear answer for this serious matter and we hope that it is not true so that we may be comforted and not bring shame upon the name of our gracious saviour among the nations of the world.
We are requesting a quick investigation and a clear declaration to be in the newspapers to confirm with proofs that this is a wrong thing and just rumours against the church.
However if it is proved that this matter is true, so we await quick action from your holiness as a matter of care for the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Your holiness knows very well that the Lord has ordered very clearly the excommunication of any priesthood rank for the person who is found to be adulterous drunk or swearerer and is given a chance to repent and prove that repentance in order to
be accepted; therefore if this is the case for all people, what will it be the impact to hear that among the shepherds of the church, whom our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted for His sheep are buying these priestly ranks with a bribe of money. We are waiting your action.



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