To the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms.Julie Bishop

Your Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Julie  Bishop is the most respected
                                                                                                                                                              National greeting
Subject: The right citizen is the one who works consciously to achieve what is better in the life process of the homeland to what is good and love and beauty. Therefore my patriotism, my love and my loyalty to my second homeland  Australia encouraged me, , and my pride in it as a nation with its civilization and open to all nations. Embracing a people of all nationalities and religions in a democratic manner and contributing to the promotion of human rights without discrimination. I have learned from my native Australia that the reality of life is living and moral teachings mean the recovery of human life. I have a proposal with my request for your presence to accept my proposal, which is to restore friendly relations between our country Australia and the Syrian Republic and to reopen the embassies. I look at  folding page that opened and recorded positions that the Australian government had to avoid and be careful before making a decision to leave the charge  of the Syrian embassy and was proposed to be appointed ambassador. It has become clear to all the governments of the world that what happened was a conspiracy of the enemies of the Syrian people before they were against the regime. To be more frank, I proved that the regime fought terrorism that came from dozens of countries and from within and neighboring countries. The Australian government has a position on the Syrian president, Dr. Bashar al-Assad. As far as the information about him is concerned, he is dictatorial and despotic, but it turns out that he is the opposite and the vast majority of the Syrian people want him because they are comfortable with him as president, . The individual may be wrong, but the law in his country will be tried. The ruler may also be wrong, but his people will be prosecuted if he is wrong, as they claim he is despot and not other countries that have no borders, geography or history. My proposal to restore the friendly relations between the two countries also for the Syrian and Arab communities in Australia is true. They became Australian citizens, but they have relatives in Syria and we do not forget that Syria is the motherland to them in terms of humanity. I and a group of social activists want to help the Syrian people with many things and humanity, especially the children of Syria. We want your help with the knowledge and approval of our government in Australia, not in hiding, and we want to make every step but to restore relations between the two countries. If you would like to bring us the names of citizens, associations and units to offer to your Excellencies, I am ready to bring you very many requests because everyone wants to reopen embassies. Thank you very much.
The proposal was sent to both countries in English and Arabic

Your citizen Moussa Merhi
Phone 0401057240
63 Auburn Rd Birrong 2143 NSW



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