Queensland ALP supports recognition of Palestine- and balance in trips

On the weekend the ALP State Conference carried a motion supporting recognition of Palestine.
It was carried unanimously.
Convenor of Labor Friends of Palestine in Queensland Ms Wendy Turner, who moved the motion, said this maintained the momentum of recent state ALP conferences and the last national conference.
“Each conference has declared that recognition of Palestine sends an essential message to Palestinians that there is hope for a peaceful path to nationhood.
“It also sends a message to the Israeli cabinet that the world notices what is going on with the spread of settlements and continued blocking of Palestinian statehood.
“The Queensland resolution lists all the reasons support for a Palestinian state is urgent.
“These include the fact the current Israeli government is the most chauvinist and hard-line in the country’s history.
“And it highlights the continue spread of settlements, all of which are illegal under international law.”
The resolution is attached.
The conference also carried a motion asserting that Labor MPs who take subsidised travel to Israel should spend equal time in Palestine.
The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC.
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