Editor-In-Chief: Charbel Baini

Arab Women in the West Conference

The Hon. Shaoquett Moselomane MLC
Opposition Whip in the Legislative Council
The Forum for Middle East Affairs
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Arab Women in the West Conference
Friday 11 March 2016
RSVP by 4th of March 2016
@ 9:30am
612 9230 2526 -- SEATS ARE LIMITED
Email- louay.moustapha@parliament.nsw.gov.au
The experiences of Arab Women in the West are manifold. They are experiences of challenge and of opportunities, of success and of heartbreaks.
What are those challenges and have Arab Women found success in the West and at what cost? Have Arab Women in Australia broken the Glass ceiling? Have they progressed up the management ladder? What has been their experience in their immigrant community and in the wider Australian society? Arab Women in the West will seek to address these questions and more.