The Fifth Exposure Award 2015 at the Louvre Museum, Paris

By Marcelle Mansour
I start my words here by humbly saying that I have a great honor to be one of the global selected artists where one of my works has been selected and displayed at the Louvre Museum, Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Award, and presented in the International display at the Louvre Museum in Paris on 13 July 2015, and also was published in the book of the ‘Exposure Award 2015’. 
The book: says: “The photographs within this collection represent some of the most interesting work of the Fifth Annual Exposure Award. It’s an honour to be able to share this work with you and with the world.” 
The title of my artwork is ‘moonlife’ that I created and photographed. In addition to being me a practicing visual artist, poet and bilingual writer, journalist and active in the cultural activity, I also practise  photography which I  learned  professionally by myself, but I use it mostly for my artworks, and for the subjects that I like and perceive in various ways.  
Some people ask me to what extent do I appreciate photography compared to the fine arts that I practice? My answer is that the source of revelation in photography is wonderful, especially when I take the picture in its moment to be recorded and documented that lies in the memory and conscience of the mind. This requires a certain creative ability to reveal some kind of various perceptions about the presented subject by the person who stands in front of the eyes of the lenses. This is because individuals may differ from each other in terms of thinking, imagination, tendencies, trends, meditation and outlook on life, that makes people see an image in different ways and that depends on the individual’s distinctive experience. An example is my artwork of Moonlife or the Bread of Life, I photographed it in a manner akin to the landscape, and especially it consists primarily of natural elements as the essence of creativity and looks very similar to the views of nature. The way it has been photographed led to the discovery of a lot of beautiful multi – hidden meanings which make it a source of inspiration for others. 
About the conversation that lies between the creative image and the receiver I would say that art of photography implies art of perception as a means used by the artist to make the picture affect in the eye of the recipient where seeing can be felt by the eyes. Viewers can discover more insights to detect the new vision of the beautiful subtleties underlying in the human sensations, mind and conscience that reveal the hidden truth.
At the end of it all, according to artists’ capabilities, I believe that photography is a fantastic tool that complements other forms of arts. On this occasion I would like to heartily thank both the SeeMe and Peecho teams for their wonderful work. I am also grateful to the judges for my work was favoured.



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