Respect, Love and Unity, Lead to Humanistic Peacefulness among All Australians/ Marcelle Mansour

I have known this woman Suzanne Aoun (Poet) a short time ago and I have met her only twice, first in one of the occasions of the community cultural events, and the second when she attended my Artist Floor Talk at my solo art exhibition of Threshold at Marie MacKillop Museum North Sydney.  It was very impressive that Souzan contributed to the discussion in a positive way, especially when I explained that my art has a universal message regardless to origins or ethnic religions, people with faith or no faith, for it presents humanity, unity, love and peace.  After the talk has finished, Souzan surprisingly asked to get a souvenir photo with me beside the cross. This indicates the extent of her development and openness to other cultures and religions and the widening horizon for the sake of love and brotherhood away from fanaticism. This picture certainly indicates genuine love, respect, unity, harmony and humanity which all leads to peace among all Australians. It is a real example of good Australian citizen. God bless all Australians and our home Australia.



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