Marcelle Mansour’s “Threshold” Art Exhibition “.....changes the way we perceive.”

Patricia Abbott Wrote:
On Wednesday 25 February, I went to Sydney to see the exhibition Threshold, by Marcelle Mansour, an Australian artist whose work is currently on display at the Mary MacKillop Museum at North Sydney.
Marcelle works with light, using a methodology in which the work is an experience which alters the perception of the viewer. To put it simply, it changes the way in which we see and understand things through enabling the viewer to see and experience differently, and therefore can perceive differently. But isn't all art this, I hear you say? An experience of seeing something? Well Yes and No. Some art we look at and some art is a experience that opens up new ways to see and know the world. Marcelle's work which is profoundly beautiful and moving is the latter.
Think of James Turrell, Bill Viola, Robert Irwin . . . and driving through the cross-city tunnel with the single beam of light above and ahead and pulling you forward and you feel small and like you never thought a light in a tunnel could be so beautiful. It's an experience.
The exhibition is a selection of Marcelle's paintings with light and if you're in North Sydney, I'd recommend taking time to go and see her work. After the exhibition, Marcelle took me to her studio to show me more of her work.
If you'd like to read more, I'd recommend Marcelle's thesis which is available at…/10…/1/mansour_mm_thesis.pdf and it is a great read! Especially for anyone who loves beautiful ideas or beautiful things! And I reckon that's pretty much all of us, in one way or another.



  1. Special thanks go to dear friend Patricia Abbott, who came all the way from Canberra to Sydney to attend the Artist’s talk. Patricia is an invaluable person who appreciates the value of art and culture. Thank you for your precious art gift of the art book and beautiful native flowers!
    Thank you also for your taking part in the conversation, for your insight and thoughtfulness in writing about Threshold Art Exhibition. I am pleased that all audience enjoyed the experience of Art and Perception.