Marcelle Mansour's Artist Talk is Unique & Universal

By Sarkis Karam 

It was a very enjoyable experience to attend a talk today delivered by the creative and brilliant artist Marcelle Mansour at her Threshold Art Exhibition which is still on in Mary MacKillop Place Museum North Sydney. Marcelle explained in depth the drive that inspired her to undertake a new innovative type of art where bravery, imagination and very unique skills are required to get the message across. She underlined her devotion for world peace and for humanitarian relationships that break the barriers of discrimination and sectarianism. Then, she pointed out the meaning she conceives in every art item she displays at her Threshold exhibition while inviting art lovers to allow their vision and senses to interpret every work as their mind sees fit. The title of every work created by Marcelle reflects her brave, tranquil and stimulating message: We are in, Alchemy, Inner Depth, Transfiguration, Heartbeat, Liberation, Threshold, Five Senses, Transformation, Healing, Illumination, The Mandylion, Bread of Life, Portrait and Metamorphosis. They represent light effects and inner motion portraits of meanings that are very much attached to the artist’s roots and life experiences, and in fact relate to every human being anywhere in the world. The artist concluded her invigorating and inspiring talk with a radiant and moving poem in English followed by another in Arabic which was just as moving and gratifying. The intellect discussion at the end of the session where questions and answers complimented the occasion was simply superb. It was an intellectually rewarding occasion enhanced by the relaxing spiritual surrounding of Mary MacKillop . I wish you Marcelle all of the very best of success in your endeavour to promote peace and to advocate the implementation of justice and the protection of human rights.



  1. Thnk you warmly Sarkis for attending my Artist’s Talk’s event of my “Threshold” Solo Art Exhibition at Mary MacKillop Place Museum. Thank you for sharing the benifet of art experience and for your helpful and prescious insight, as well as your sensitive thoughtfullness. I am gratful for your understanding and analitical descrptive writing, your abilities and appreciation. Thank you once again and may the Lord be with you always.