Marcelle Mansour’s Poem at the Opening of Threshold Art Exhibition

Spiritual Dialogue with Light
By Marcelle Mansour

10 December 2014
 Ekphrasis Poetry Reading
At Threshold Art Exhibition Opening
At Mary MacKillop Place Museum

In the midst of surrounding Light
I contemplate and heartily meditate
In the depth of my inner feelings
 I heard whispers of Light
Cover the face of the night
With translucent gauze
Embracing the invisible mystery in the waves of oceans
Opened the Windows of Heaven to the eye of the mind

Who is it? I asked
It must be Sacred Light
That cleared my sight

Here ... the Light wondered and asked:
Who are you my sweetheart?

I answered: I am the Spirit of the Australian Arabian tale

The Light asked me again
Where did you come from my precious pearl?

My senses trembled, shook off the nightmare
And said:
“I came from the occupied Palestinian land of so much pain
Out of the flashing thunder and rain
Out of ancient biblical Gaza
Where transparent gauze is fine
Out of the darkness of 48’ Nakba and Diaspora world
I am the Remnant of successive wars
The victim of permanent wounds.”

Do you hear me Light?
I spend my life searching for love and peace
Looking for healing
The world that suffer
Under malicious materialistic evil power

This is my carved injury showing the world
The depth of still incurable wound

My pain is so huge to endure
I am tired ...  exhausted
From the burden of genocide ugly war
I am ashamed from seeing the bloody pool
Of the tortured innocent newly born

I can see you Light  ... I feel you Noor min Noor “نورٌ من نور
“Light of Light”

I humbly greet you
I kneel on my knees before the Holy Presence
To open the eyes of blind
To work on people’s mind
To reveal the secrets of hidden truth
To cure the infectious world
I beg you Light

to heal our crying wombs
To save our lives from daily news
Of continuous shocking terror and horror.

The wonder miraculous Light
“Here I am my dear
Hold my gentle hands with no fear
I carry you on my merciful wings
Under the lashes in the jewels of my eyes.”

I said to the Light with no fear
Come ...come into my heart
Wrap me with Gaza gauze
Burn my soul like gold
With fire in the furnace of Arab’s alchemy
Sanctify my forehead with Jerusalem’s olive oil
Purify my lungs with crystal transparency
Transfigure my sensual body into new realm
Transform the core of my heart
Into brand new mankind
Let me look into your Eternal Presence
And whisper in silence into your ears
With every throb of heartbeat
Teach me how to humanly feel
To love all, just like Mary MacKillop, first Australian Saint
How to rethink mistakes
To forgive and forget wrongs and sins.

The Mystical Light
Becomes so bright
As white as the angle robe
And pat me with a gentle touch on my shoulder
Bestowed me with a woven golden beams
The Light heard me …whispered back into my ears:

Come ...come with me my dear
Come with no worries or fear
To transform ourselves into new creation
A new existence ... A joyful universe
Experience the rebirth!
To become instruments for change
Come to change ourselves... to inspire to respect the other
Come ....To take the world together
To live dual life forever
Where churches bells cuddle
 Mosques, temples and every spiritual cradle
On our lucky land beautiful Australia
Where Earth meats Heaven
At the vanishing point of the horizon
Light’s reflection ... conception ... perception ... Perfection
Come to me ... come with me
Hold my hands very tight
Look into the colours of moving Light
International solidarity start
Humanly unite
Drawing … painting… world’s peace with the colours of rainbow Light
Perceiving the Visible in the Invisible
Feeling the Unseen by Heart
Unifying with Immortal
And become eternal

 Marcelle’s Short Poem in her Arabic Native Language:

تعالوا معاً
مارسيل منصور

 تعالوا نتحول ... ونحول
تعالوا نتغير ... ونغير

تعالوا نستلهم من شعاع النور السرمدي
نتأمل في عمق خفايا الأسرار المجيدة

نعيد التفكير في الماضي والحاضر
لنكشف عن رؤية جديدة
بمنظار ناصع حديث معاصر

تعالوا .... معا
نعانق جداول المحبة
نوجد إنسانية حميمة
ونعلن ميلاد الحرية و السلام



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