Celebrating Solidarity 2014 with Palestine/ Marcelle Mansour

“Celebrating & Marking the 2014 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, a UN Organized Observance.”
29 November 2014 was an evening of celebration of the International both day and year of Solidarity with Palestinian People 2014, Held by the Australian Palestinian Club, The General Union of Palestinian Workers and the Australian Palestinian Professionals at the Cedrus Lebanese Restaurant.

In the presence of His Excellency Izzat Abdulhadi, Ambassador, Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific; Ms Julia Dean, UN the National Information Officer on behalf of His Excellency Christopher Woodthorpe the Director of the UN office in Australia, The Hon Senator Lee Rhiannon Greens NSW MP; The Hon Amanda Fazio, MLC Member of the Legislative Council Opposition; The Hon David Shoebridge Greens NSW MP; The Hon Shaoquett Moslemane MLC MP, and Bankstown Councillor Khal Asfour, distinguished guests, journalists; members of the Palestinian community, Lebanese Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian and other Australian Arabic speaking communities who all attended the dinner.  

Community members present were: Dr Moustapha Almeddin, Dr Mamdouh Matar, Dr Emad Berro (PHD), Professor Ahmad Shboul AM and Dr Nijmeh Hajjar (PHD Sydney), Dr Bassam Dally (PHD Adelaide), Dr Abraham Qadan (Lecturer Sydney); Mr Adel El Hassan, Mr Karim Abiad, Mr Mohd Hammouri, Mr George Hasham; Mr Abbas Mourad (Writer), Mr Mamdouh Sukkarieh (Director at the World Observer); Mr Saleh Saqqaf (SBS journalist); Mr Akram Al Mughawash (Journalist); Mr Issa Shaweesh; Mr Henry Wahhab, Mr Abdel Kader Karanouh; Mr Sameer Musalam, Mr Jamil Batshon, Miss Mona Abu Zalaf, Miss Jennine Abdul Khalik, Mrs Sawsan Wahhab; Mr Reda Haddadeh; Ms Farah Fayyad, Mr Hilmi Dabbagh, Mr Maurice Mansour and the writer of these words Marcelle Mansour.

It is worth mentioning that the date of 29 November was chosen because of its significance to the Palestinian people, both day and year being UN observed. This day is marked in accordance with mandates given by the General Assembly in its resolutions 32/40 B of 2 December 1977, 34/65 D of 12 December 1979, and subsequent resolutions adapted by the General Assembly on the question of Palestine. On 29 Nov 1947, the General Assembly adapted the 181 (II) Partition Resolutions that provided for the establishment in Palestine of a “Jewish State” and an “Arab State”, with Jerusalem as a corpus separatum under a special international regime. Of the two States to be created under this resolution, only one, Israel, has been established as Independent State.
The evening included a few words of the speakers, Mr Izzat Abdulhadi, Ambassador and Ms Julia Dean, who both highlighted the importance of the event to Palestinians for it provides an opportunity for the world nations to focus on the question of Palestine that is still unresolved, and that Palestinians have the right to national independence and the right to return to their occupied homeland. This was followed by the speech of the 18 years old Australian born Mona Abu Zalaf whose grandfather was displaced from Jaffa. Mona elaborated on the fact that how the new generation’s cause and identity still live through them despite of the exodus and Diaspora.

The program was highlighted by the live music of the performer of Oud Mohammad Yousef, and the talented singer Phil Mansour who dedicated his first song to the people in Gaza and their resistance, then followed by Trivia and contribution awards.

Awards were presented to three personalities in recognition of their contributing work and commitment over the years towards serving the Palestinian cause. Ms Jennifer Killen was presented an award by Mr Sameer Mousalam from the Australian Palestinian Club; the second award was presented by Mr Jamil Batshon, the president of the Australian Palestinian Club, to Dr Marcelo Svirsky; a Jewish Israeli Activist and Politics Lecturer at the University of Wollongong.  The third award was presented to Professor Jake Lynch, an Associate professor at the University of Sydney and the Director of the Centre for Peace. This award was delivered by Mr Hilmi Dabbagh from the Australian Palestinian Professionals and was received by Dr Abraham Qadan on behalf of Professor Jake Lynch. 

Mrs Farah Fayyad the MC concluded the event by thanking the organisers, the guest speakers and all the supporters who contributed in celebrating and making the event a successful night of cultural music, trivia, solidarity and unity.



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